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Industry Relations Podcast: Adam Neumann, Flow and REALTOR Numbers

Big news! Adam Neumann is back and lands a huge $350 million deal with Andreessen Horowitz. Is this the beginning of the disruption Rob and Greg have been talking about? When companies are laying people off what is the impact of this deal? 

Rob and Greg explore these questions and what the big vision is for Adam Neumann’s company, Flow. We revisit last episode’s Opendoor and Zillow conversation and why Greg believes Rob is still wrong about it all. 

Also, Rob dug up 10 years of REALTOR numbers and the scale of success for the real estate industry will surprise you!

It’s a jam-packed episode you can not miss!

Program Note: Rob and Greg are going to bring the show live to Las Vegas this Friday! So if you are in Vegas, join us!
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