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Event: Reign

I’ve got an inside scoop about a new real estate conference. It’s called Reign and brought to you by Sisu.

Reign is the newest real estate industry conference that’s geared towards teams. The content is all about leadership, building and maintaining a productive culture, and ultimately growing and scaling businesses.

The event will feature top industry speakers like Verl Workman, Brett Tanner and Vija Williams, attendees can learn from those who have already done what they’re setting out to do. Beyond industry guests on stage, Reign will host a retired SEAL Team leader who has definitely seen some shit. His name is Matthew Werner and he’s led some of the most sensitive missions throughout the globe – some of which you have seen and others that have not been seen in the media.

But to be honest one of the biggest reasons I’m promoting this is because former W+R Studios alumna, Frances Wiseman is the Director of Marketing at Sisu. I know a lot of you know Frances so I’m hoping you can show her some love by promoting this event to agents and brokers at your MLS or brokerage. Maybe in an email, calendar, or MLS login screen 😁

The event runs September 28-30 so don’t delay! Let’s get the word out!


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