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Now that CoStar is a broker, is their way of “hijacking” IDX listings better than everyone else? You be the judge.

by Greg Robertson on September 27th, 2022

In an interview with Brad Inman, Andy Florance, CEO of CoStar said Zillow was “hijacking” listings and also compared them to the Mafia. His analogy was as follows:

“An agent puts up a yard sign, and then another company pulls up, spray paints over the sign, and puts a new agent’s name on the sign. Florance said no one would tolerate such behavior in the real world.”

Here’s what I’m picturing from Andy’s description.

In a recent post about the divorce of Homesnap and BPP Homesnap’s co-founder Steve Barnes stated…

“ and will also offer paid preferred placement for listings in search results.”

Would this be tolerated in the “real world”?

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  1. Co-star already does listing “hijack-hijinx” on their BizBuySell platform for business opportunities brokers. They make it nearly-impossible for potential clients to contact the broker directly. All contact info runs through their servers including any phone calls; they are routed through a BizBuySell unique phone number that than routes to the broker. So client doesn’t have brokers direct number. I suspect they are planning on reselling the leads to highest bidders later.

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