Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Propy announces “NFT-powered home purchasing platform”

Real and virtual worlds converge with Propy’s NFT-powered home purchasing platform

“The idea is that prospective buyers can tour a home (in a metaverse environment or in the physical world), see an inspection report – and then purchase the house in just a few clicks. From there, the record of ownership gets placed in your secure wallet. Home purchases can be made in crypto or fiat.

When you’re ready to sell it, you can perform the same process in reverse. Or if your property has not yet had its NFT minted, Propy can connect you with a crypto certified agent to help get your house ready for sale”

I am not a cryptocurrency or Web3 expert but I am still fascinated by it. It reminds me of the early days of PCs, which had a fair share of weird naming conventions and acronyms.

I’ve been following Natalia at Propy for a few years now and they always seem to be coming up with new ways for Web 3 and real estate to converge. I know we all have a lot on our plates but I think this is something we should all be paying more attention to.

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