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Renwick Congdon RIP

Renwick Cogdon

It must have been the mid to late 90s, so pre-internet.  We were either exhibiting at a CAR trade show or maybe NAR Annual was in Anaheim that year.  IRIS was still a relatively new company and we had launched our Lightning product, which gave real estate agents a quick way to log in to different MLS systems (Moore Data and PRC).  In the booth next to us was a guy, who was solo at the time, selling software to create flyers and other marketing materials (Flyerware I think it was called) for agents, and it was Mac only.  His name was Renwick Congdon.

Typically when you are standing in a booth all day you strike up a conversation with the company next to you.  Maybe watch the booth while the other guy goes on a bathroom break.  I could tell Renwick was a smart guy, and like us he was a bootstrapper.  We started a friendship that would last over 25 years.

We would see each other at shows, check up on how our businesses were doing, grab dinner sometimes, share insights, and he talked about his family and that one of his daughters getting married.  He was very proud of his family.

I think he was one of my first interviews on my Listing Bits podcast.  We even flirted at joining forces back in 2015.  Kind of a “roll-up” strategy that never happens.  He didn’t need us.  With Imprev he created a monster of a business, I think he had all major franchisors on his platform.  He absolutely crushed it.  In late 2019 he sold his business to MoxiWorks.  I remember Dan and me talking about how great it was that “one of the good guys” got paid.  We called and congratulated him on his success.

When Covid hit, he reached out to Dan and me to check in and ask how we were doing.  He called to congratulate us in 2020 when Dan and I sold the business.

Renwick passed away last week.  I don’t know the details. But, I do know this, Renwick was a true innovator and his persistence should be an example to us all. 

My sincere condolences to his family.  He was truly, “one of the good guys”. Damn.

  1. Renwick was a gentle giant of the business world, a proud leader in EO, and a serial entrepreneur. He was my mentor, and I was blessed to be a loyal Imprevian, having worked for and with Renwick at Imprev for many years.

    He was a true thought leader of our industry and one of the very few people who could see where the puck was going next. Wickedly smart and always ahead of his time, he actually started Imprev in his garage, complete with Herman Miller dividers.

    Most importantly, Renwick was a great human: kind and caring with an abundance of empathy. He treated his team like family and was a remarkable father and husband.

    He introduced me to both you, Greg, and Ben Kinney.

    The phrase may be cliche, but he indeed was one-of-a-kind. A father of four daughters and an Alaska native, he was an ice-hockey-playing and yoga-practicing serial innovator. Renwick would rather find a quiet corner and have a discussion one-on-one while enjoying a well-aged single malt scotch or a fabulous bottle of red than work a room.

    I will be forever grateful for his indelible impact on my professional and personal life. He pushed me to make the toughest career change: to do for others what I was doing for Imprev. He is why I ended up joining the WAV Group – and that was the best business decision of my life.

    I will miss him beyond words.

  2. Sad news. Renwick was such a nice guy and easy to be around. Enjoyed getting to know him and work with him over the years.

  3. Renwick was always willing to spare time to share his knowledge and give advice to us when we were a new startup trying to break into the field. He was a pal, always a gentleman, and (almost) always in a suit. Renwick played it straight, something often missing in today’s business environment. A brilliant entrepreneur and businessman, Renwick will be missed by all who had the honor and privilege to have known him. I am honored to be one of those.

    A very sad way to start the new year. Double Damn.

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  5. Renwick was a kind and generous leader who was always willing to share his knowledge and creative solutions when things didn’t go as expected.

    I had the pleasure of working with Renwick and his team in the early days of Imprev and when our paths crossed at the occasional industry event, he was always first to embrace with big hug, followed by a quick trip down memory lane.

    And I couldn’t agree with you more, Greg. We lost one of the good guys.

  6. God, I’m so sorry to hear this. I wasn’t nearly as close to Renwick as you but I met him several times and he was always a class act. I appreciate you sharing the news.

  7. Renwick was one of the original of the vendor group that did all of the shows together. He was always thinking of what could help the agents, Like you Greg, I too had the opportunity to get to know him by our booths being next to each other at more shows than I want to count.

    Uplifting his family in prayers as the celebrate his wonderful life.

  8. I just saw Kevin’s post on LinkedIn. I’m in shock. Imprev was one of my favorite accounts during my time at EdSurge. Renwick was fun to negotiate with…creative and pushing boundaries in a forward-thinking way. I’m so sorry to hear this news and I send my condolences to all who knew Renwick. What a loss.

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