Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Silicon Valley Bank Real Estate Ripples

If you are looking for a good resource to understand the current situation with SVB and the effect it could have on the entire banking system I would recommend the latest “All In” podcast.

I’ve received a few texts over the weekend. This is not a “too big to fail” situation or a “tech bail out” this is a miss-management situatation. There are many companies in proptech (and some people you know) that are going to be effected. This needs to be solved (either by the federal government or an acqustions facilated by the fed) quickly.

  1. Greg

    The dangers to the whole banking system from a bail out are much worse than the effects to a few industries over none.

    SVB took in too many deposits.

    The only solution is for depositers to take a 15% haircit now and then be patient as assets are sold.

    The government should NOT be in the business of bailing out stupidity

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