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New Cloud CMA enhancement (Live Buyer Tour) works with Apple CarPlay

New in Cloud CMA: Live buyer tours

“Live buyer tours build on the existing functionality to turn static reports into dynamic ones—with real-time data that you and your buyers can easily read on any device. So you get a new way to show off properties, and your clients get live access to the most relevant information about their favorite listings. “

I’m really proud of the team and what they’ve acomplished with this new enhancement. Back in May of 2020 we launched Cloud CMA Live. Cloud CMA Live raised the bar for interactive digital presentations and also gave agents a new way to present remotely.

The Buyer Tour report in Cloud CMA has always been a hidden gem. With the new Live Buyer Tour we wanted to give Buyer’s agents a new tool that was mobile first. I know agents are going to love it. This new enhancement is free to all Cloud CMA subscribers and launched yesterday. Check it out and please feel free to share the quick video I made above.

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love this!! I took it for a test drive yesterday. Buyer tours have bee a pain point without a tech solution for some time now. I love that notes and hearted listings can be be edited by anyone with a link to the tour. That feature is extremely valuable for post-showing. It would be cool to have an option for Apple Maps, but I’m totally coo with the Google Maps implementation. Thank you! Thank you!

    Now on to the next pain point; agent to agent communication like that which was available in Agent Inbox. I know… I just can’t let that go.

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