Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Rob Hahn : “Fundamentally, I believe NAR and the Corporate Defendants will lose at trial on all of the cases known today.”

Recap and Summary: Likely Impact of the Commission Lawsuits

“As promised, I thought I would recap and summarize my thoughts on what the impact of the various lawsuits against NAR, brokerages, Zillow, and MLSs likely would be. These date back as far as March of 2019, when I wrote the first post about the first class action lawsuit, Moehrl v. NAR, which has now been certified as a class action. Over the years, I’ve written about Moehrl, Burnett, PLS v. NAR, Rex v. Zillow, and other lawsuits confronting the industry.”

Take your medicine from Dr. Notorious and read this post.

  1. I disagree that the outcome is a foregone conclusion. It’s always fun to read Rob’s take on it. You guys should do another podcast on this subject. That would definitely be fun.

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