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Industry Relations Podcast: The Future of Real Estate Auctions

DPX–or Decentre Property Exchange–is an online marketplace for real estate. And it comes from the heart and mind of Rob Hahn as a potential solution to current real estate buyer/seller woes. As Rob states, DPX offers transparency, the highest price for a property, efficiency, faster transactions, and a better consumer experience. It’s also duly noted that Rob Hahn, as the mind behind DPX, is treated in this episode more as a guest than a co-host as he is pretty much interviewed by the Fab Greg Robertson. Could real estate auctions be coming to a town near you? Find out what Rob and Greg have to say in this week’s episode of Industry Relations!

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  1. Gotta give Rob kudos for a ballsy endeavor into what has been traditionally a very niche market. No surprise of course, you can color me very skeptical.

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