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Industry Relations Podcast: The Future of Real Estate Auctions

by Greg Robertson on April 14th, 2023

DPX–or Decentre Property Exchange–is an online marketplace for real estate. And it comes from the heart and mind of Rob Hahn as a potential solution to current real estate buyer/seller woes. As Rob states, DPX offers transparency, the highest price for a property, efficiency, faster transactions, and a better consumer experience. It’s also duly noted that Rob Hahn, as the mind behind DPX, is treated in this episode more as a guest than a co-host as he is pretty much interviewed by the Fab Greg Robertson. Could real estate auctions be coming to a town near you? Find out what Rob and Greg have to say in this week’s episode of Industry Relations!

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  1. Roland Estrada permalink

    Gotta give Rob kudos for a ballsy endeavor into what has been traditionally a very niche market. No surprise of course, you can color me very skeptical.

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