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Does “Your Listing, Your Lead” Jive with IDX Attribution Policy? – with Mike Wurzer, Greg Fischer & Andy Woolley

by Greg Robertson on May 24th, 2023

Two years ago, NAR policy was updated to give brokers and agents attribution rights, meaning they get to decide how they appear in listings.

But employs a ‘your listing, your lead’ model, displaying the listing agent’s contact information. 

So, does this comply with NAR’s attribution policy? And what else do we need to think about as companies like Zillow and switch to IDX?

On this episode of Listing Bits, Michael Wurzer, CEO of real estate software company FBS, Greg Fischer, Owner of indie brokerage West + Main, and Andy Woolley, VP of Industry Development at, join us to consider how ‘your listing, your lead’ jives with NAR’s IDX attribution policy.

Andy explains how ‘your listing, your lead’ differs from the referral model used on other sites, and Greg asks what is changing at now that it’s a participant in the MLS. 

Listen in for Michael’s insight on the repercussions on policy that comes with mixing different use cases for data feeds and find out why it’s important for MLSs to develop a standard way for national portals like to license data.

What’s Discussed:  

How NAR IDX policy changed to give brokers and agents attribution rights 

Whether’s ‘your listing, your lead’ model complies with NAR’s attribution policy

Why most brokers aren’t using the ‘attribution source’ field in RESO’s data dictionary’s decision to display the listing agent’s contact information

Why made the switch from its original MLS feeds to IDX

What is changing at now that it’s a participant in the MLS vs. a media publisher

The potential repercussions on policy that come with mixing use cases for data feeds

What differentiates’s ‘your listing, your lead’ from the referral model used on other sites

How allows buyer’s agents to protect their relationships on the site

How showing a listing agent on a lead placard compares to seeing their name on a yard sign

The challenge faces when it comes to agent responsiveness

Why it’s crucial for MLSs to create a standard way for national portals to license data 

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Michael at FBS

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