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Black Knight’s New Paragon Connect

My thanks to Black Knight for sponsoring Vendor Alley this month. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Black Night’s NEW Paragon Connect. I asked Black Knight to write a welcome post about their NEW Paragon Connect, which I put below:

“We built the new Paragon Connect to give agents the power to work from anywhere, whether the office or on the go.

The NEW Paragon Connect empowers real estate agents to say “yes, I can, wherever I am!”

“I will do it or send it later” equals lost opportunities and leads. Your MLS system should work for them wherever they are, and it should look and feel the same no matter the device.

The new Paragon Connect sets the standard for responsive design. Just because something fits on one page doesn’t make it truly responsive. That’s why every module, and every page has been meticulously designed to work on the smallest devices to the largest. We invested heavily in the future of our new MLS platform! Paragon Connect is built from the ground up using a lightning-fast API, reusable React components, and the latest in responsive UI/UX design standards.

We also didn’t skimp on features. The features agents see on their desktop, are the same on their mobile device. What they start on a desktop, they can finish from their phone. Agents need and should have full functionality no matter the device.

We would love to share more with you about Paragon Connect. 

Give your members the advantage they need. If you would like to know more information or schedule a demo, click here.”

I think the strategy of really committing to a great mobile experience is smart.

My thanks again to Black Knight.

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