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REdistribute Approaches 50% Multiple Listing Service Market Coverage

“REdistribute has secured agreements with some of the most active markets in the country with additional markets joining every month,” said Amy Gorce, Acting CEO of REdistribute. “Our growth rate puts us on track to reach national coverage by the end of 2023.”

I’ve been skeptical of these initiatives but gotta say I’m impressed with the progress REdistribute has made.

  1. That’s a lot of coverage, but just a few huge MLSs. Which stat is more important? More buy-in from different MLS organizations? Or more coverage of the marketplace? I suppose from a data standpoint, more data.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Greg – I’m laughing at your headline because of my jaded veteran status. I love a good inside joke! @Dave I think your observation is a fair one. All data is important of course. Institutional buyers care about one thing, listing coverage so of course large markets are a logical place to start. REdistribute welcomes ALL MLSs that want to participate!

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