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New Mexico MLS Launches Aligned Showings

New Mexico MLS to Launch Aligned Showings

“Megan McFarlane, Executive Director of NMMLS, said, “The product is exciting. What MLSs can build when they work together is not just strong because of the relationships, but strong because Aligned Showings is cutting-edge technology.”

New Mexico members will benefit from Aligned Showings’ mobile app, optimized route mapping, real-time messaging, advanced showing approval system and other features”

Looks like MLS Aligned is offering their products beyond their partners. I hope they don’t start making CMA software!

  1. If this has the same siloed property-specific, agent to agent communication capabilities as the original Agent Inbox, I would love to see this at CRMLS. Texting with listing agents about individual properties is an unnecessary freaking time suck.

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