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Greetings from London

I’m on vacation traveling with the family in the U.K. and having a blast. Quick story, my son Toby plays tennis for the JV team at his High School. Wimbledon is going this week so we thought we would try and get tickets. Tickets are distributed via a lottery system (we missed that) and are incredibly expensive if you buy them from a 3rd party (scalper) but they have a program called “The Queue” where they set aside a tickets for people who buy at the event. You just have to can come early and line.

We made the trek (along with my brother in law Tony) from our hotel at 4 AM (figured we get there early), took a cab, and much to our dismay it looked like people could camp there overnight as well. Hopefully there would still be tickets left, maybe not to see a match but get in and watch matches from the lawn.

We were given a ticket (it was all very well organized) we happened to be 1120 – 1122. The guy behind us (local) said “brilliant” when he got his ticket because apparntely anything below 1500 meant we had a chance at least for Court 2.

Well after 6 hours of waiting in line (along with a couple bacon sandwiches from the food truck) we were able to get and purchase tickets ($140 each, way below what the scalpers were asking for) and we got on to Court 1. And wow what amazing seats! Toby was thrilled.

We got to see some great tennis from Daniil Medvedev (Men’s number 3 in the world) and Aryna Sabalenka (Women’s number 2 in the world).

You can follow me on Instagram if you want to see more photos. Cheers!

  1. Eric "The Coach" Bryant

    You lucky Son of a Bitch! #BucketList for me 🙂

    I hope you guys have the best time ever!


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