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CRMLS rolls out new in-house built dashboard

California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS) Develops and Launches a New, Modernized Dashboard Through REcenterhub For All Users

“The REcenterhub dashboard, developed internally by CRMLS, boasts new features to streamline productivity for real estate professionals. In addition to a completely new, modernized user interface, the dashboard offers customization options for both users and Associations, industry information such as market data trends and news articles, and enhanced interactivity for ease of use.”

I took a screenshot from a dev account (so it has limited product choices). My first impression is that I think they absolutely crushed it! I love the addition of market stats front and center, but it’s the easy access to critical tools/info that really nails it.

You can quickly add (and discover) products offered thru the MLS;

Quick access to the training calendar with one click registration!

I know I’ve been critical of MLS organizations building their own software but aside from a couple of minor things I would tweak, CRMLS has really done a great job.

I’ve written before about how SSO portals (dashboards), and training can have a huge effect on adoption and REcenterHUB is the closest I’ve seen to really hitting all the right marks. And to be fair I haven’t taken a serious look at any other competing SSO dashboard, but any vendor providing products through an MLS organization will love the improvements REcenterhub delivers.

  1. I’ve playing around with REcenterhub for a while and like the new UI/UX. As I hear, the stats bar will gain more robust and customizable data. Music to my ears. I run various types of market data analysis by hand daily and weekly by hand at the moment. Hopefully that task will be available at the click of button in the near future. When I quote this market data to other agents I get. “oh, it didn’t know that”. Yep! We’re getting an additional data source beyond REcenterhub later this year, which should really be fun!

  2. Thanks Greg! Our Product and Engineering teams put a lot of work and heart into it, and we’re very proud–of them AND the product. We’re getting very gratifying feedback from our members. And (as Roland says above), this is just the beginning.

    We’d love to hear your tweaks!

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