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Some personal news

by Greg Robertson on July 28th, 2023

Today, Friday, July 28th will be my last day at Lone Wolf Technologies. Going forward, they have asked me if I would serve as a senior advisor to the company, and I am happy to do so. Despite the market setback, I strongly believe Lone Wolf is on the right track in regard to product and strategy.

I want to also personally thank Jimmy Kelly, CEO of Lone Wolf for his patience, and trust and for creating a place for me and everyone else at W+R to learn and grow.

As you get older your circle of friends tends to grow smaller. Luckily, that has not been the case with me.  I have met so many great and talented people at Lone Wolf. I will continue to call upon them in the future and will miss working alongside them every day.  And thanks for the nice write-up. 😁

I am also very proud of the team we brought over from W+R.  It fills me with great pride to see W+R people continue to advance, take on key leadership positions at Lone Wolf (and other companies), and watch their influence propel the industry forward.

For the next chapter I plan to decompress a bit, maybe write another book, focus on my blog (Vendor Alley) and podcasts (Industry Relations and Listing Bits), invest, and give back to the industry that has given me so much.  I also have three teenagers in the house, so there’s that.

In the future, you can reach me at or 714.240.3895.

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  1. Rich Lull permalink

    Talk about making a mark and making a difference. Novoday did it better. Best!

  2. Nikesh Parekh permalink

    Congrats Greg! Incredible run from Homeseekers to today. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  3. Jeff Fullbright permalink

    Congrats Greg! Hope you enjoy a well earned break and look forward to the next book.

  4. Jeff Follis permalink

    Huge congrats!! You deserve it. Hope to see ya at the next lobby bar!!

  5. Chris Peterson permalink

    Congrats! You have certainly left you mark on the industry!

  6. Brad Inman permalink

    Congratulations! GR, you represent the expression “the real deal” more than anyone I know.

  7. Simon Chen permalink

    Vaya con Dios, brother. Let me know when you want to tinker on VW motors while slinging pizza and sipping fine tequila. Thank you for all you do for this industry!!!

  8. Fred A Cleman permalink

    Congratulations my friend. I wish you the best of luck, (not that you’ll ever need it) on your next venture.

  9. DaVina Lara permalink

    Congratulations! Enjoy life, and I know you will be around.

  10. Brandon Doyle permalink

    Congratulations Greg, I’ll have to check the calendar and see who won that side bet 😉

  11. Shelley Fowler permalink

    Cheers to you Greg! An icon in this industry and deserving of this time to do whatever you want.

  12. Congrats on a hell of a run, Greg. Enjoy the downtime, you’ve more than earned it.

  13. Brian Boero permalink

    Congratulations Greg. You are one of the very best in this business. Here’s to you 🍸

  14. Enjoy this moment. You deserve to savor it!

  15. Matt Fowler permalink

    If lobby bars traded equity, the market would need a correction. Have fun man.

  16. John Vivo permalink

    Hey Greg. Congrats. Take a break and maybe even start looking creating a new start up. I’m sure I’ll still see you around the conference circuit.

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