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Former SDAR CEO, Mike Mercurio, charged with embezzlement

CEO of San Diego Association of Realtors ousted amid accusations of embezzlement

“The plaintiffs, which include the association’s former Chief Operating Officer, Director of Human Resources, Controller, and Marketing Chief, claim Mr. Mercurio, “engaged in massive embezzlement, stealing over $1 million from SDAR, and further directed, and participated in, the falsification of financial documents, extensive personal use of company credit cards, payroll fraud, and tax evasion.”

To make matters worse, plaintiffs, Heather Pena, Laura Martella, Jon Schwartz, and Nicholas Hoffer, say instead of supporting them after discovering what they claim was a long-running embezzlement scheme, the association’s board “shot the messengers” by launching investigations into their conduct and later firing them without cause. “

CBS 8 News

Everyone deserves their day in court but even if half these allegations are true they should throw this idiot in jail and throw away the key.

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