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CRMLS offering help to California MLS organizations hit by MLS outages

The outages effecting many MLS providers around the country could happen to any company. These types of situations are rampant for many industries. So it’s good to see many in the MLS community offering to help. CRMLS is is offering free access to the CRMLS Matrix platform to all California real estate professionals who use MLS systems hit by the outages until the issues are resolved.

Here is a link to the Matrix Resource Center for Rapattoni Users. Users will need to fill out the “CRMLS Temporary Access Form” found in the resource center and send it to CRMLS-cares@crmls.org

CRMLS has also issued this statement:

“We want to assure everyone that this is an exceptional circumstance, and CRMLS will not solicit membership to anyone outside of our current CRMLS participants, leverage any of the listing data provided by your members, nor enroll them for further, unrelated communications. We are hoping this will simply be a stopgap for an unprecedented event to keep California real estate going strong.”


I’ve also attached a CRMLS coverage map for those interested.

Let’s all hope this crisis ends soon.

  1. Wow, how crazy is that… I’ve never heard a widespread prolonged MLS outage. We’ve experienced occasional really brief disruption. Glad CRMLS Stepped up.

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