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How it started…

President of Powerful Realtors Group Is Accused of Sexual Harassment

“Ms. Brevard, 51, was fired in September 2022 for failing to disclose her relationship with Mr. Parcell, according to the lawsuit she filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., in June.

She had worked at N.A.R. as what was called its “chief storyteller” and handled the group’s podcasts, videos and much of its marketing materials from 2019 to 2022. According to her complaint, she had a monthslong sexual relationship with Mr. Parcell. After she ended it, Mr. Parcell continued to press her with unwanted advances, saw to it that she was excluded from meetings and business trips and told her that he would have her fired, the lawsuit claimed”

Debra Kamin reporting for the New York Times

How’s it going…

NAR President Kenny Parcell resigns after NYT exposé

“The calls for Parcell’s resignation intensified over the weekend, as a growing number of industry leaders called on NAR to hold Parcell accountable for his actions. Anywhere Brands President and CEO Sue Yannaccone was one of the first high-ranking brokerage leaders to make a statement, with her Monday LinkedIn post garnering increasing attention throughout Monday afternoon.

“I was very disturbed to read The New York Times report on the brazen attitudes and alleged behaviors of leaders at the National Association of Realtors,” Yannaccone said. “Given our predominantly female industry, I am incredibly disappointed by the reporter’s allegations as NAR is supposed to be a guidepost for our industry.”

Marian McPherson reporting for Inman News

The Times article was a bit of a head scratcher for me. In my opinion, after thinking about it for the last couple days, and talking to people it’s amazing to me this clown didn’t resign when he was first caught in a sexual relationship with a staffer. This guys outsized ego just sullied a lot of people’s good reputation and future prospects.

  1. The Parcell cabal controls NAR and NAR leadership is thoroughly involved in covering up for him. The entire leadership team needs to go. The problems are much deeper than just Kenny’s lack of control of his middle leg. Remember NAR has spent millions of the members’ money covering up for Parcell and crew.

  2. Certainly there must have been something from Mr Parcell’s past that would have pointed to the possibility of something like this happening. Meanwhile there is an individual who was blocked from running for NAR President Elect for liking a social media post years ago.

    Hopefully, the coming year will be a time of redemption with new incoming female president. There will be a lot of work to do with a new President and CEO.

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