Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt



  1. “…NAR’s MLS policy requires participants to communicate an offer of compensation to other MLS participants and that offer can be any amount, including $0. And to be clear, NAR is not requiring nor encouraging MLSs to change their data fields to permit $0. We are simply advising that doing so would continue to comply with NAR’s MLS policy.” – KJ

  2. So the new definition of participation in an MLS means cooperating around the unilateral offer of compensation which may equal zero. Am I wrong or does an offer of compensation equaling zero mean that you are not cooperating?

  3. I mean, “zero is a number” is a deft, slight-of-hand, quick and easy answer. I like it. I also expect exactly nothing to happen when we change it from requiring a number and not. It is my assertion that Listing Brokers offer compensation for same reason Willy Nelson says divorce is so expensive: because its worth the money.

  4. @Matt Fowler. The thing is, it’s a mandatory offer of “compensation.” Not a mandatory offer of “a number.” While zero is a number, it is not compensation.

  5. My favorite line from companies that offer zero cooperating payout is “We respect your relationship with your client” in general I’d say this whole situation is a good reminder about the importance of a buyer representation agreement

  6. I also strongly agree with Matt’s statement above. As a listing agent, would you want to vet 20+ buyers and coordinate all the showings on your listings? or would you rather cooperate with other agents that will bring their buyers through and share a portion of the commission agreed upon by the seller?

    The NWMLS is certainly a good case study on what might happen

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