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by Greg Robertson on August 31st, 2023


  1. Joe Szurgyi permalink

    I’m going to infer from this that Rapattoni held firm on the ransomware.

  2. “…NAR’s MLS policy requires participants to communicate an offer of compensation to other MLS participants and that offer can be any amount, including $0. And to be clear, NAR is not requiring nor encouraging MLSs to change their data fields to permit $0. We are simply advising that doing so would continue to comply with NAR’s MLS policy.” – KJ

  3. Roland Estrada permalink

    “Never settle!” – Harvey Spector

  4. Victor Lund permalink

    So the new definition of participation in an MLS means cooperating around the unilateral offer of compensation which may equal zero. Am I wrong or does an offer of compensation equaling zero mean that you are not cooperating?

  5. Seems like NAR has either changed its position or trying its hand at revisionist history.

  6. I mean, “zero is a number” is a deft, slight-of-hand, quick and easy answer. I like it. I also expect exactly nothing to happen when we change it from requiring a number and not. It is my assertion that Listing Brokers offer compensation for same reason Willy Nelson says divorce is so expensive: because its worth the money.

  7. John Breault permalink

    @Matt Fowler. The thing is, it’s a mandatory offer of “compensation.” Not a mandatory offer of “a number.” While zero is a number, it is not compensation.

  8. “One is the loneliest number” – Harry Nilsson
    Is Zero the new loneliest number?

  9. Brandon Doyle permalink

    My favorite line from companies that offer zero cooperating payout is “We respect your relationship with your client” in general I’d say this whole situation is a good reminder about the importance of a buyer representation agreement

  10. Brandon Doyle permalink

    I also strongly agree with Matt’s statement above. As a listing agent, would you want to vet 20+ buyers and coordinate all the showings on your listings? or would you rather cooperate with other agents that will bring their buyers through and share a portion of the commission agreed upon by the seller?

    The NWMLS is certainly a good case study on what might happen

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