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The soundtrack to many days spent on the river with friends. Thank you Jimmy.

  1. In 1997, we were pitching Lightning to the Greater Fort Lauderdale Association of Realtors for their Stellar MLS system. We failed, but we made the trip a success by seeing Buffett’s Don’t Stop the Carnival, his short lived musical rendition of Herman Wouk’s novel, at the Coconut Grove Theater. I dragged you there, but you enjoyed it. Good times. Our world needs more Jimmy, RIP.

  2. I fell in love with Buffett’s songs and carefree philosophy to life in 1972 while in college. I still have my Son of a Son of a Sailor and Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes LPs. Listening to his songs has given me a focus on love and business at times when the path to follow was not clear.

    Jimmy lived the life he wanted, not the one someone else chose for him. There is so much we can all learn from his ballads — Trust your intuition and make time for the play.

    If you only know his pop songs I encourage you to tune in to Margaritaville Radio at http://www.margaritaville.com to discover the hundreds of songs you don’t know by heart.

    Above all else, Jimmy was a masterful storyteller. The way he could turn a phrase, it is not surprising that he was one of Dylan’s favorite songwriters.

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