Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

The first domino

How it started…

The commission suits are headed to trial. What happens after that?

“In a session called, “Life After the Megalawsuits,” industry blogger, podcaster, and entrepreneur Greg Robertson put the risk to the industry at a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.

“I have a bet … that this stuff will be settled by the end of the year,” Robertson told attendees, acknowledging that his view might be an outlier among the crowd.”

Andrea Brambila for Inman News

How’s it going…

Anywhere settles bombshell Sitzer and Moehrl commission lawsuits

“Real estate franchisor Anywhere Real Estate has reached a settlement with the plaintiffs in the two bombshell lawsuits that have the potential to shake up how real estate agents nationwide are paid.”

Andrea Brambila for Inman News

If I win this bet I’m going to become unbearable.

  1. They rolled over like a beta dog. Never settle! There is no guarantee the gold-digger plaintiffs and their ambulance-chaser attorneys win in court.

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