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Did Cincy MLS just axe Perchwell in favor of going back Rapattoni MLS?

Looks like last week the frustration of some Cincy MLS members hit the evening news (see video below).

1,000 Realtor-members signed a petition to return to Rapattoni services as a primary listing service among complaints aimed at Perchwell listing services

“In a statement, MLS of Greater Cincinnati President Anne Uchtman said they could never have anticipated a cyber attack leaving the region without any listing services.

“The Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati and its board of directors are committed to finding a solution that allows our users to do their job to the best of their ability and continue serving our consumers,” she said. “Our two MLS providers, Rapattoni and Perchwell, have been extremely helpful and supportive during this crisis. We are working non-stop to get this issue resolved and hope to have a solution in the coming days.”

Sean DeLancey of WCPO

Not a good situation for anyone. I haven’t had full confirmation but it appears that the members voted and want Rapattoni back. I’m not sure what this means for Perchwell, whether is will run in parallel or not. If anyone can confirm please say something in the comments.

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