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Vendor Alley 2023 Gift Guide

Yup, it’s that time of year again! I’ve put together a few on my favorite things that I think anyone would like for the holidays.

Flighty – A new way to track flights. I love this app. It’s so well designed and does a great job of showing detailed flight maps, live tracking and delay forecasting. The notifications are also helpful. But my favorite feature is the Friends tracker (pro version). You can log your friends flight info and it will send you notifications on their flight status. Great when you are traveling with work mates coming in from multiple locations, or family members coming home for the holidays. Plus it syncs with TripIt.

HiRise 3 Deluxe

I’ve linked to many TwelveSouth products before due to their really cool product designs. If you have one of those new iPhones that have a magnetic back you are going to love this. When an iPhone is turned on its side (horizontal) and charging it brings up these cool displays, like an old school alarm clock. At night the color shifts to super chill red. The magnetic charging means no cords to tangle (no more fumbling in the dark for the power cord) and also charges you Apple Watch and your AirPods pros. Nightstand game changer.

Ray Bans | Meta

Okay, hear me out. These are kind of geeky, and might seem pretty creepy to some, but I think they are great. As a creator of all types of content I just love these. These are smart glasses that have a built in camera (both still and video). I bought them because I like go on cruises with my VW Car Club. I can take video without having to grab my phone (which is a bit dangerous) of myself and other cars driving . Check out this Instagram I posted. I can also see them useful at situations like Christmas morning taking video of the kids opening presents and having my hands free. They also work with your phone to take calls, listen to music, send texts. The sound (no ear buds) and microphone work great. Anytime you are taking video a little light in front of the glasses start to flicker to signal that they are on ( I wish this light was red to make it more obvious). They also have built in AI, so you could ask say something like “Hey Meta, write me a poem about my beautiful wife.” Check out this video The Verge did on them to get a better idea.

Double Glasses Case

Okay keeping on the eyeglasses vibe, I wear progressive lenses and like to have sunglasses around too. I used to have two different cases for each. Not any more! I found this case which is really sturdy and allows me to have my reading glasses and sunglasses in one case. It might be a little big for some but this holds my Ray Ban Wayfarers (not the Meta ver.) perfectly. Makes my life so much eaiser. Here’s the version on I bought on Amazon.

YouTube TV and NFL Sunday Ticket

I might be a little late to the party on this whole “cut the cord” movement but I gotta say Google has done a great job. I still get local channels, DVR and all the NFL games on Sunday, so my Seahawks crazy son can watch every game. Too many great features to mention, just go check it out.

The Art of the CMA

Last, but not least, is my book, The Art of the CMA. Can’t think of a perfect gift for your board of directors? Click here and send me a list of their names and I will personalize each copy with a special message and an autograph. Bulk discounts are available!

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