Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

The Notorious ROB’s six most interesting people in real estate and me.

2023: The Seven Most Interesting People in Real Estate

“The Notorious ROB Interesting List is none of those things, although there are obvious overlaps because I find influence and power to be interesting. It is simply a list of people I find interesting for a variety of reasons. They may or may not be influential, may or may not be powerful, and in fact, you may or may not have heard of them at all. But I find them interesting, and it’s my list. Sunny Hahn and special 2023 advisor Wild Turkey Rare Breed have assisted in this list.”

Rob Hahn, NotoriousRob Substack

I think Rob and Sunny had a bit more Wild Turkey than he is admitting to honor me with a place on this year’s list (#5).

As I said on Twitter, it feels like Eric Clapton told me I was a great guitar player. Thank you my friend.

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