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Industry Relations Podcast: Impact and Consequences of the Zillow Lawsuit

What happens when a real estate giant like Zillow takes legal action against their own clients?  Things get a little complicated as Rob and Greg explore the issues of the delicate balance of being a participant, vendor and MLS organization (sometimes all at the same time!)

***Disclaimer – Due to MLS Aligned being a consulting client of Greg, the views expressed on this podcast are Greg’s opinions and DO NOT represent the views of MLS Aligned.***

Rob and Greg discuss the recent Zillow lawsuit against two MLSs, ARMLS and Metro MLS, which alleges control over technology distribution and the practical implications of not being integrated into the MLS member portal and how it affects the functionality of platforms like ShowingTime. Greg gives his own first-hand experiences with MLS system integration and Cloud CMA.

They explore what could be the potential impact on competition and the challenges faced by MLSs in making integration decisions.  And can MLS organizations choose who they do business with or not?  Mountain? Molehill? Listen to Rob and Greg try and grapple a tricky situation as only they can.

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