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CoreLogic announces Clareity Assure

CoreLogic Unveils Clareity Assure for Advanced MLS Security featuring Adaptive Authentication

“Security is one of the top issues on the minds of every MLS leader today,” said Shaleen Khatod, Executive, Enterprise Strategy & Initiatives for CoreLogic. “CoreLogic is re-writing the MLS defense book for safeguarding MLS systems and data against threats like ransomware and cyber-attacks. This includes Clareity Assure adaptive authentication meticulously analyzing user behavior patterns. It can identify and stop bad actors while ensuring authorized users get the safe, secure and frictionless access they need.”

Shaleen Khatod , CoreLogic

Sounds like an add-on for the Clareity Dashboard. I do find it interesting they are continuing to use the “Clareity” moniker. I’d be interested to find out how this would help with ransom-ware attacks that seem to be on the rise in our industry.

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