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Bob Hale announces retirement in 2026, René Galvan named successor.


“Following Hale’s announcement, the HAR board of directors unanimously approved current HAR Executive Vice President René Galvan to succeed Hale as HAR president and CEO in 2026. Galvan has served as a critical member of HAR’s management team since 1996 when he was hired as Director of Business Development. In 1999, Galvan was recruited away as CEO of the Realtor Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale, but he returned to HAR as EVP two years later and has held that post ever since.

Asked about his accomplishments during his tenure at HAR, Galvan said, “I am most proud of building a team of incredible professionals, keeping focused on our mission of helping members achieve success, and working closely with staff and leadership to improve service to members while keeping a watchful eye on expenses resulting in no dues increase during the past 21 years.”

“This journey has been one that I will cherish for the rest of my life,” said Hale. “I could not think of anyone more qualified and driven than René Galvan to lead HAR through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the real estate industry.”


What a journey! 52 years in the arena, fighting the good fight, planning, innovating, leading, teaching, and sharing. Bob’s generosity is unmatched and what he has contributed to this industry can’t be overstated. And what a class act announcing René as his successor at the same time as his retirement.

I know he doesn’t retire till February 2026 but I just want to be the first to say thank you Bob.

  1. Thank you, Bob.

    When was the last time you saw a 2 year pre-retirement announcement in the Alley?

    Imagine the meeting that led up to this announcement.

    Then some new board member says “we should do a national search.”

    Congratulations, Rene.

  2. Congrats Bob. I can go back to 1999 when I was at Microsoft working to license MLS data for the OG HomeAdvisor which was a real estate listings portal back then. Bob was the first guy to sign with me and guide me through working with MLSs. Legend is a great word to describe Bob.

  3. When I think of Bob Hale, I think of the ad: “When EF Hutton talks, people listen”
    Bob sat in the front row and paid attention, did his homework and built a great team. He set an example for all of us. Is there a descriptor bigger and better than ‘industry legend’? That’s Bob.
    Rene has done the same thing and will be a great CEO.

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