Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Ziltorfin just peed in its pants

“Over $1B invested” 👀

  1. Northwestern/Kellogg has been tracking Superbowl ads for 19 years and their commentary and ranking put Homes.com at the bottom (5th from last) as ranked by their 2024 class. Homes com was called out by name in the sub-heading for the article (Homes.com fumbles during Big Game)

    Confusing at best. There’s no way this will move the needle on app downloads or traffic.

    I wish I could’ve been in the meetings when this campaign was pitched and approved. Just wtf. Maybe people did say something to try and stop the train wreck but we’ll never know. I can only imagine what was rejected.

    They should spend some of that $ on their app. Do some fine-tuning and look at feature requests to get the agents on board.

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