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DOJ urges industry to make a clean cut. Wants Buyers to negotiate compensation directly with their agent.

Well we were all speculating whether or not the DOJ would give any clear direction on how they picture compensation to be handled thru the MLS. The DOJ did, and it’s a whooper. Basically they don’t think reducing offers of compensation down to zero matter at all. They want the industry to make a full break from seller setting the buyers agent commission at all. And site “steering” as a concern. So, more like a commercial model. This is something listeners of Industry Relations have heard Rob Hahn echo since the beginning, that steering was the main issue.

In a huge surprise this “Statement of Interest” references the Industry Relations podcast and Rob, myself and Ed Zorn directly,

“Rob Hahn & Greg Robertson interviewing Ed Zorn (VP & General Counsel atCalifornia Regional MLS), Burnett v. NAR: The Lawsuit That Could Upend the Housing Market, Industry Relations (Oct. 18, 2023), starting at 43:40, www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw39NB3w_0o&t=11s (“You do realize under this system (of the seller paying the buyer’s agent directly inside the contract) you do realize a closing statement at a title company or an escrow company looks 100% identical as it does today. With both commissions on the seller side. Nothing changes. The only thing that changes is the number that shows up for the buyer’s agent in that closing statement was negotiated between the buyer directly and the buyer’s agent and had nothing to do with the seller or the listing agent. That’s the one thing that’s different.”


I’m not sure whether to be honored or scared shitless that the DOJ listens to our podcast!

For clarity I’ve embedded the YouTube video so that you can see what the DOJ was referencing on our podcast, I started it a bit earlier so you can get some context ( I also think this is good primer to understand what the DOJ is asking for.)

Rob and I record our Industry Relations podcast today at 10AM. Should be a good.

  1. With regard to the DOJ, I will reference Ronald Reagan and the scariest nine words anyone could ever hear. “ I’m from the government, and I’m here to help”

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