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Racial bias case in Baltimore gets settled

Lawsuit Alleging Racial Bias in Home Appraisals Is Settled

“A year earlier, the couple had opened their home to Mr. Lanham, who is white, for an appraisal, and he put the value of their four-bedroom house in Baltimore’s Homeland neighborhood at $472,000. After the couple stripped their home of family photographs and had a white colleague pose as the homeowner, an action known as “whitewashing,” a second appraiser offered a value of $750,000. The couple said that the difference in value — nearly $300,000 higher — came because the second appraiser believed that the home’s owners were white.”

Debra Kamin, New York Times

I remember reading about this a couple years ago. It just makes your blood boil. I hope they took these companies to the cleaners.

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