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CubiCasa hits 15% milestone of US floor plans

CubiCasa Surpasses Key Milestone with Floor Plans Included on 15% of New Listings in the US

“More than 15% of new listings in the U.S. now include a CubiCasa floor plan, a mark that is more than 700% higher than the 2% mark they recorded just two years ago when the company’s mission was in its infancy. Additionally, the number of CubiCasa scans performed for U.S. real estate customers in 2024 is nearly triple the rate it was during the same period a year ago.”


700% higher in two years is amazing! I’ve been writing about CubiCasa and floor plans for years now. I think floor plans are the next aerial photos/maps. As Jeff Allen said in the press release.

“Floor plans are the single-best digital asset on a real estate listing because they provide consumers with a clear understanding of whether the home is the right fit for them,”

Jeff Allen, President of Cubicasa

If you add CubiCasa’s success to the Zillow and other portals efforts to “showcase” listings you can see a tipping point coming soon. Congrats to Jeff and his team.

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