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My thanks to Paragon Connect for sponsoring Vendor Alley this month.

Starting this week they will cover the top 10 topics to review when making the decision on an MLS platform for your members.

How to choose the right MLS platform for you

The top 10 “must-haves” when considering a front end for your members 

  1. Simple Competitive Market Analysis (Easy CMA) 

You’re at a party and the question comes up: “Hey, aren’t you a real estate agent? I’m thinking about selling my house.” You reach for your phone, knowing that because you chose the right MLS, you can capitalize on that opportunity before hors d’oeuvres are done. When you use a front-end system that delivers competitive market analysis in the palm of your hand, you’re only ever moments away from showing a potential customer all that you can do for them.

  1. Buyer and seller connection 

Relationships are built on good communication with your buyers and sellers. The right MLS helps buyers find homes they’re interested in, while keeping open lines of communication. And it helps sellers see activity on their listing. The right MLS has a buyer and seller portal for your clients to communicate with you along with push notifications to keep you up to date along the way.

  1. Property watch 

Information is power, and staying on top of pricing trends, competition, and market conditions can help you deliver the best possible experience for buyers and sellers. Of course, real estate agents can’t spend their days watching properties like a hawk – but the right MLS can, helping you get the latest scoop on properties in your area, meeting your clients’ needs, achieving a competitive edge, and representing your sellers efficiently. The right MLS will have the ability to monitor properties no matter where you’re working from, so you can jump on opportunities the minute they arise.  

Looking forward to catching up next time for your next three topics. 

If you’re looking for an MLS that offers these capabilities and much more, discover Paragon Connect.

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