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Continuing today is their list of the top 10 topics to review when making the decision on an MLS platform for your members:

How to choose the right MLS platform for you  

The top 10 “must-haves” when considering a front end for your members 

Earlier this week you learned how advanced mapping, efficient speech-to-text and powerful sharing capabilities can help you find the right MLS for your members, now onto the next three topics.

  1. “Near me” search 

The right MLS system offers users more than one way to search. Another must-have option is near me search. If your client doesn’t like a current property, but loves the neighborhood, then “near me” search enables you to quickly find other listings in the same area that might be just what they’re looking for. This type of search provides a more personalized experience for users and saves time, gas and effort in the property search process by finding properties in close proximity.  

  1. Powerhouse searching  

Search is the most-used feature of any MLS system, an outdated search technology can make it cumbersome and confusing with continuous scrolling to find the information to enter and search for your buyers and sellers. Don’t settle for anything less than intuitive search functionality. You should be able to completely customize your searches to search the way you want and get matches in a snap.  

  1. Mobile App

In today’s digital age, an MLS with a mobile app helps agents access the full power of the system on the go, while using mobile features like facial recognition, push notifications and contact import to save time and increase efficiency. Not only that, the right MLS can also integrate with other apps already on your device – like car play, mapping, messaging, calendars, social media and beyond. If your current MLS app only has limited functionality, it’s reasonable to ask for more.  

We’ve almost made it to number one. Don’t miss us this weekend as we kickoff NAR Midyear when we’ll reveal the number one “must-have” in your next MLS system.

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