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Chris Bennett and Amy Gorce start a new consulting company – PRESTA


“Today Chris Bennett and Amy Gorce announced the launch of PRESTA Team, a new company that will leverage their combined 60+ years of industry experience to provide consulting and advisory services in the real estate space. Throughout their careers, Chris and Amy have accumulated valuable insight into many aspects of organized real estate and aim to assist MLSs, Brokers, and Proptech companies strategically navigate through times of unprecedented competition and change.

PRESTA is an acronym, “Premier Real Estate Solutions and Technology Advisors“. There was certainly a hole left by Clareity Consulting when CoreLogic acquired them back in 2017. T3Sixty have been quick to try and fill the vacuum as well as WAV Group. I respect both Chris and Amy and know the industry will be a better place with their insights. I’m sure they are both nervous and excited about their new adventure and I can’t help but feel a little bit jealous of starting something new.

My best wishes to Chris and Amy, looking forward to seeing you both soon!

Clareity MLS Workshop 2018 Recap

Report from Clareity’s 17th Annual MLS Executive Workshop

“Clareity packed a lot of perspectives and content into a ton of sessions over a day and a half – but the Workshop is about more than content – it’s about relationship building. We’ve listened to those attendees with ideas of how to make the event even better – besides the meals together and fun outings on arrival day, the longer breaks have improved the networking possible during the event.”

Good recap from Matt. I gotta say I was a bit cautious about the event, ever since Clareity was acquired by CoreLogic. But Gregg, Matt and team pulled off a great event with diverse content, that didn’t pander to the mothership. Hopefully they can keep this vibe/event going.

Clareity’s “DASH!” gaining traction

Best Broker Tech for 2017: Clareity’s DASH!

“DASH! is the broker version of Clareity’s popular Single Sign-On Dashboard, a product that serves over 200 MLS and Association customers. Unlike common intranet platforms, Clareity is able to offer its integration library with over 250 SSO enabled real estate apps and service partners. This makes set up simple for brokers, and daily workflow seamless for staff and agents. This one centralized, broker-branded platform lets agents access the MLS and have one-click access to every product offered by their brokerage. Most importantly, DASH is a communication platform that allows brokers to message with their agents during their daily work flow and create a personalized experience for every user.”

Boy, do those blue and green logos on the right hand side sure look good!

Cloud MLX named “Best In Show” in Clareity’s Midyear 2016 report

Matt Cohen wrote an epic post recapping NAR 2016 Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo Report. It’s a must read for anyone who didn’t attend the show or was there but stuck in a lot of meetings. I’m bummed I missed the FBS Party which sounded perfect (live music, good food and great conversation).

Of course Dan and I are really stoked that Cloud MLX was named “Best In Show” in Clareity’s post. Here’s a taste…

“As with their other products, the focus is on striking the right balance between ease of use and functionality. This product looks anything BUT the same-old MLS technology.”

We are super proud of our team at W+R Studios for the hard work they put in to getting Cloud MLX launched.

Please get in touch with Katie if you want to schedule a demo.

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