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Sandicor chooses CRS

Sandicor, Inc. Partners with CRS Data – CRS Data MLS Tax Suite expands coverage to California

“We spent more than a year researching property tax data systems to find the right combination of timely and accurate data, cross platform usability and intuitive navigation,” said Ray Ewing, president and CEO of Sandicor, Inc. “Our members need the ability to access property tax data via their mobile device or desktop, and be able to create and utilize streamlined property reports with interactive features, such as parcel and topography map layers.”

CRS Data’s three-year agreement provides 19,000 Sandicor members with quick online access to a wide variety of property tax data and information. From customizable maps, neighborhood and comparables information to in-depth search capabilities and thoughtful prospecting features, CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite delivers simple navigation and innovative usability.”

Congrats to the team at CRS!

CRS intros MLS Tax Suite

CRS Data Introduces Innovative MLS Tax SuiteNew property records product leads with interactive, customizable features

“Through extensive research and customer surveys, the CRS Data team pinpointed several expansion opportunities and aesthetic changes that could create a better user experience, said Casey. A few highlights include:

-Complete optimization for mobile devices, including on iPads, iPhones and Androids
-Expanded and diverse integrated map views
-Expansive simple and advanced search capabilities
-A cleaner, dynamic interface making simple and advanced searches quick and easy”

Looks like that packaging/productizing data is getting to be the norm here. And speaking of packaging, not sure how many of you got CRS’s marketing piece sent in the mail, But I thought it was pretty cool. Basically it’s a video sent in the mail. Super cool!

Here’s a link to the full video in the mailer to check out if your are so inclined…

CRS Commercial Video

iMapp “ceasing operations”

ARMLS and imapp


I guess the “Strategic Agreement” with CRS Data didn’t work out.


Then there’s this…

Realist Tax System Ending

“On the morning of January 14, those who have Realist set as their default tax provider will be switched to Monsoon. Realist users may switch back to Realist temporarily or access Realist from the Taxes menu until January 28, when Realist will be removed permanently.

Sounds like a Monsoon alright.

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