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VestaPlus [Sponsor]

My thanks to VestaPlus for sponsoring this month’s Vendor Alley.  There are many reasons why you should consider another MLS organization for your technology partner.

The people at VestaPlus have many solutions to choose from including, ShowingsPlus where you can:

  • Easily request in-person or virtual appointments directly from a listing
  • ShowingsPlus™ will lock in the appointment and add it to your showing calendar
  • API integrations provide a seamless experience when working with agents from another MLS
  • Additional features include auto-confirm, private showings, listing feedback, and more!
  • Check out the video below

And their Neighborhood Snapshot

If you are interested in why MLS organizations should look towards buying tools from other MLS organizations please listen to my Listing Bits podcast with VestaPlus’ VP of sales and marketing, Kelly Robinson. On that podcast where we discuss the benefits of working with another MLS organization as one of your vendors. My thanks again to VestaPlus.

Racial bias case in Baltimore gets settled

Lawsuit Alleging Racial Bias in Home Appraisals Is Settled

“A year earlier, the couple had opened their home to Mr. Lanham, who is white, for an appraisal, and he put the value of their four-bedroom house in Baltimore’s Homeland neighborhood at $472,000. After the couple stripped their home of family photographs and had a white colleague pose as the homeowner, an action known as “whitewashing,” a second appraiser offered a value of $750,000. The couple said that the difference in value — nearly $300,000 higher — came because the second appraiser believed that the home’s owners were white.”

Debra Kamin, New York Times

I remember reading about this a couple years ago. It just makes your blood boil. I hope they took these companies to the cleaners.

Webinar: The Truth about the NAR Settlement

Rob Hahn, my partner in crime at the Industry Relations podcast is hosting a webinar Tuesday, March 26 from 9 – 10:30am PT, this is “must see tv” in my book. So, fire up the flat screen in your conference room and gather round your senior execs. From his announcement:

“It’s been quite a few days. I’ve been getting absolutely hammered with questions from some of you, plus the media, plus investors, plus plus plus. While I’m happy to answer them, and have as much as I could, I thought it time to just hold a webinar and see if I can do it all in one place and one time.

I’ll go over:

  • What the Settlement Agreement actually says.
  • What it requires of brokers, agents, MLS and Associations.
  • What it likely means for you and the industry.
  • Possible unexpected consequences.

I’ve done webinars like this a couple of times in the past, and thought they were useful.”

The Notorious ROB

Click this link to register = > The Truth About the NAR Settlement

It’s $399, but $200 cheaper if you are a Notorious VIP subscriber. As Rob says, “If you are not a VIP Subscriber, well… you can do the math.”

Support independent creators in our space. Sign up today!

Tim’s birthday fundraiser for Maui

Tim’s birthday fundraiser for Realtors® Association of Maui Community Foundation, Inc.

“For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to Realtors® Association of Maui Community Foundation, Inc. The goal amount might seem ridiculous but I know enough influential REALTORS® and real estate professionals that it’s possible if you decide to donate and share this effort with your network.”

Tim Dain

Let’s do this!

Introducing Giant Steps Advisors

Industry veteran, Greg Robertson, launches Giant Steps Advisors to help entrepreneurs, real estate companies and leaders accelerate their success. 

COSTA MESA, FEB. 26 – Greg Robertson announced today the launch of Giant Steps Company, LLC a new company poised to help navigate the new real estate landscape. With a vision centered on innovation, growth, and collaboration, Giant Steps Advisors is set to become the go-to advisor for visionaries ready to take on new challenges.

“Having co-founded my first real estate software company in 1992, I’ve had a front seat to the arc of innovation in the organized real estate industry for the last 30+ years.  My goal with Giant Steps is to give back and share those experiences with our clients to help them reach their goals faster,” stated Greg Robertson, Founder & Principal Advisor.

Giant Steps Advisors believes you need to start from the end and work backwards to help you arrive at the best solutions.  Whether you are developing a product, a go-to-market strategy, M&A, or planning for the future, thinking about the outcomes of your choices first, will help you arrive at your goals quicker.

Staci Wood, Executive Advisor, has joined Robertson to expand the breadth of expertise.  Staci started her career at RE/MAX playing a critical role in the evolution of real estate portals. Staci then moved to one of the largest MLS organizations in the country, REcolorado.  While at REColorado Staci was their VP and Chief Product Officer for over 9 years. With this duo of seasoned experts at the helm, Giant Steps Advisors brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the table. 

“I met Staci over 20 years ago.  Her broad experience is a perfect addition, and I’m excited she has chosen to join me on this new endeavor,” Robertson said.

For more information about Giant Steps Advisors and its services, visit www.GiantStepsAdvisors.com or Greg@GiantStepsAdvisors.com.

About Giant Steps Advisors

We are here to help entrepreneurs and real estate companies accelerate their journey to success.

Greg Robertson co-founded his first real estate software company in 1992. He is an author of the book, ‘The Art of the CMA’, and publisher of the industry technology blog, “Vendor Alley”. He also publishes two industry podcasts, “Listing Bits”, and is co-host of “Industry Relations”. Greg was the co-founder of W+R Studios, creators of Cloud CMA and the rest of the Cloud Agent Suite. W+R Studios was acquired by Lone Wolf Technologies in December of 2020. 


Greg Robertson

Founder/Principal Advisor

Giant Steps Advisors




My Country, ‘Tis of Thee

Got called for Jury Duty. I dodged a bullet and didn’t get selected (lucky for me since I have a full plate of travel coming up), but the experience was good.

I met a retired system engineer who was fighting cancer (and beating it)
I met a nurse who’s kids were about the same age as mine
A writer
A interior design consultant.
A server at a restaurant

People of varying backgrounds and colors, some struggling more than others. But all showing up. Doing their duty. Treating each other with respect.

Made me feel good. So, turn off the news everyone. We are all going to be alright.


Swanepoel Power 200 for 2024

It’s that time of year again! T3 Sixty has published their SP200 list for 2024. Each year I like to parse out the list and see how our brothers and sisters made out in the MLS community.

The Mt. Rushmore of MLS Execs (as I previously coined them last year) has not changed but each of their respective positions have slightly improved. Art Carter, CEO of CRMLSBrian Donnellan, CEO of Bright MLS and Bob Hale, CEO of HAR.

Art and Brian both jumped 7 spots, Bob broke in to the twenties.

Merri Jo Cowen, CEO of Stellar MLS leaps 32 spots to #52 to the fourth highest ranking MLS exec on the list beating Teresa King Kinney of Miami AOR who dropped 5 spots to # 60.  Jeremy Crawford of FMLS catapults 48 spots up this year to #54.

John DiMichele of TREBB (the only MLS on this list that doesn’t offer Cloud CMA to its members) falls to #66.  ( you know I love you Jon. 😆)

Dionna Hall, CEO of Beaches MLS, glides up to #96 on the list.  Rebecca Jensen, CEO of MRED lands at # 99 while Matt Consalvo, CEO of ARMLS, climbs up 10 spots to #100.  Gene Millman, CEO of REColorado.com soars to #102 on the list (that’s a leap of 65!) Emily Chenevert, CEO of Austin Board of REALTORS jumps 18 spots up from last year to #124

AnneMarie DeCatsye, CEO of Canopy MLS climbs to #174. Brad Bjelke CEO of UtahRealEstate.com landed at #175.  

Stuart White, CEO of Realtracs rockets 56 spots to land at #120.  Plus “the mad scientist” Tim Dain was listed at #130 ( a jump of 58 spots)

Erm Grasso, CEO of MLS PIN, and Richard Haggerty , CEO OneKey MLS, debuts on the list at #195 and #198 respectively.

Congratulations everyone!

***Please forgive me if I missed someone or got something wrong. Just DM me and I’ll make the correction.***

T3 Sixty’s Annual MLS Study

I have to say that the Real Estate Almanac is one of the most used tools I have. I was asked to pass along this announcement and hope everyone will consider supporting T3 Sixty’s efforts.

“Each year since 2018, T3 Sixty in collaboration with RESO have produced the Organized Real Estate rankings section on RealEstateAlmanac.com. The ranking include the MLS subscriber counts and organizational types for each of the 521 MLSs across the United States along with REALTOR® association membership counts. To ensure they have the most accurate information possible, T3 is again asking MLS Executives to share their current MLS subscriber counts for publication of the 2024 version of the list which will be published electronically and shared with the industry in February of 2024.

Building on their success with last year’s intial research, MLS executives will also be given the option to take part in T3’s confidential MLS Executive compensation and benefits study. This year, based on feedback, the independent research firm has added the option to complete an MLS COO and CTO study. It is important to note that the individual results of these studies will not be made public, but each MLS survey participant will be provided with a complimentary synopsis report of the research results. 

T3 Sixty 2024 MLS Count and C-Level Compensation Study

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Clint Skutchan, T3 Sixty’s SVP of Organized Real Estate directly at clint@t360.com.”

Clint Skutchan, T3 Sixty

Trackxi [Sponsor]

My thanks to Trackxi for sponsoring this month’s Vendor Alley!

Trackxi helps real estate agents, teams and transaction coordinators manage and track all the tasks in real estate deals, while keeping their clients and partners updated with a fun and simple interface.

These guys are a bootstrapped software company out of Portland, Oregon.  I met one of their founders, Vijay through a few introductions and really like what they have created.

Besides just a super simple way of keeping track of tasks, Trackxi also includes a light CRM, and a fun “pizza tracker” visual interface for clients.

To find out more please visit their website. My thanks again to Trackxi.

Sponsored By Lone Wolf