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Another miss

Anybody else getting a ton of calls/texts/forwards from your “non-real estate” friends about the NAR settlement? My friends are saying that a lot of their social media feeds are crazy with anti-REALTOR messages. Mostly in their social media feeds, with a ton of memes and “quick takes”. I think all of us are still digesting these changes but in the end as Redfin CEO, Glenn Kelman wrote in a recent blog post (NAR Settlement: Kaboom!) “…perception is reality…”

“Even if the letter of the settlement allows for cooperation, how the settlement is perceived may still re-shape agent attitudes about cooperation, and consumer attitudes about fees. The result could be that agent-to-agent cooperation on fees is weakened but not killed. “

Glenn Kelman, Redfin

I want to say upfront that I think NAR did a tremendous job on the settlement for their membership. But, and I may be beating a dead horse here, this feels like another miss in messaging/marketing from NAR. Based on what I’ve seen on Twitter and elsewhere NAR took everyone by surprise, even at their own event, AEI.

How about pumping the brakes a bit? Create some good content that puts a positive spin on things. Give all those assets to share with your local MLS and associations (so they can pass it on) and mirror that with some sort of nationwide “we hear you” campaign.

But releasing the news when all of their association leadership was offsite? Plus, has anyone seen anyone from NAR in the national news?


Back to basics

Defining and Communicating the Value of the Multiple Listing Service

“In light of this uncertain, ever-changing environment, a casual observer might ask, “What is the existential value of an MLS?” The truth is, the MLS has provided an abundance of value over the past century that explains its broad appeal and its continued relevance.

Being able to succinctly communicate the many benefits of the MLS in a modern environment—with historical context, and even from an international perspective—is critical for brokers and MLS leaders to ensure that transparent, liquid marketplaces continue to serve their communities. In fact, any professional who’s involved in the real estate profession should be prepared to describe the value of the MLS.

Sam DeBord

A good reminder.

Bob Hale announces retirement in 2026, René Galvan named successor.


“Following Hale’s announcement, the HAR board of directors unanimously approved current HAR Executive Vice President René Galvan to succeed Hale as HAR president and CEO in 2026. Galvan has served as a critical member of HAR’s management team since 1996 when he was hired as Director of Business Development. In 1999, Galvan was recruited away as CEO of the Realtor Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale, but he returned to HAR as EVP two years later and has held that post ever since.

Asked about his accomplishments during his tenure at HAR, Galvan said, “I am most proud of building a team of incredible professionals, keeping focused on our mission of helping members achieve success, and working closely with staff and leadership to improve service to members while keeping a watchful eye on expenses resulting in no dues increase during the past 21 years.”

“This journey has been one that I will cherish for the rest of my life,” said Hale. “I could not think of anyone more qualified and driven than René Galvan to lead HAR through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the real estate industry.”


What a journey! 52 years in the arena, fighting the good fight, planning, innovating, leading, teaching, and sharing. Bob’s generosity is unmatched and what he has contributed to this industry can’t be overstated. And what a class act announcing René as his successor at the same time as his retirement.

I know he doesn’t retire till February 2026 but I just want to be the first to say thank you Bob.

Inman announces “MLS Reinvented” Awards

Inman unveils inaugural class of MLS Reinvented honorees

“Today, Inman announces the honorees for its inaugural class of MLS Reinvented honorees, recognizing the contributions of 22 leaders who are powering the MLS ecosystem forward across America.

“The MLS offers consumers unparalleled benefits” stated Emily Paquette, CEO of Inman. “This recognition underscores the importance of embracing innovation and pushing the boundaries of industry standards. It highlights the dedication and commitment of leaders to drive the MLS into a new era of efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately enhancing the real estate ecosystem.” 


Pushes favorably to the “MLS owned” crowd. Great to see Annie Ives and Ross Buck included. Would have liked to see a few more that I know who are making a difference out there (especially in California), but a solid list.

CMLS elects new board members

Chris Haran
Justin Haag


“The Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS), the professional trade organization serving the Multiple Listing Services industry and representing 231 member organizations with 1.8 million subscribers, has elected new directors for 2024. They will assume their roles on January 1, 2024.

Justin Haag, General Counsel and incoming President and CEO (Jan. 1, 2024) of Northwest MLS (Washington); and Chris Haran, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of MRED (Illinois), were elected to serve three-year terms on the CMLS Board of Directors. Matthew Consalvo, CEO of ARMLS (Arizona) was re-elected for a second three-year term.”

Megan Moore, CMLS

Congrats to Justin, Chris and Matt. They certainly have signed up for some interesting time in the MLS industry!

Anyone else seeing these?

Just as predicted these copycat lawsuits are gonna be everywhere. 😖

VESTAPLUS hires Kelly Robinson

VESTAPLUSTM MLS Software Solutions Appoints Industry Veteran Kelly Robinson as Vice President of Sales & Marketing

“VESTAPLUSTM MLS Software Solutions, a leading provider of innovative real estate technology, is proud to announce the appointment of Kelly (Pantis) Robinson as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. With over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Kelly Robinson is set to lead the company’s growth initiatives and expand its comprehensive suite of MLS software solutions, which includes the highly acclaimed VESTAPLUS PROTM mobile app, Checkmate Listing Violation DetectionTM, Neighborhood SnapshotTM, ShowingsPlusTM, and TechAssistLineTM.

VESTAPLUS, Press Release

Sheeeees back! This industry is certainly Hotel California. Many may not remember but Kelly (back then it was Kelly Pantis) co-founded RealtyPlus Online, one of the first web-based MLS systems. Great hire by Annie and looking forward to seeing Kelly making an impact on the industry again.


My thanks again to VestaPlus for sponsoring this month’s Vendor Alley. The team at VestaPlus has put together a great website that highlights the benefits of VestaPlus. The website is also a good resource to learn about the other products/features offered by VestaPlus such as Neighborhood Snapshot(tm), ShowingsPlus(tm), and Checkmate(tm) (which was recently adopted by CWMLS).

6%? Hold My Beer

In this first week of the Sitzer Burnett trial is all about the plaintiff presenting their case. And it seems that the plaintiffs are all about showing training materials, and slides from previous conferences that use the 6% as proof that the “fix is in”!

The poor consumer has been tricked in to thinking that this percentage was never negotiable. Hell, the whole reason for scripts in the first place was that CONSUMERS WERE ALWAYS TRYING TO NEGOTIATE. Has anyone brought that point up?

Also, this….

Inman News’ Andrea Brambila is “live on the scene” for the Sitzer | Burnett case

I don’t think they allow phones or recording devices in the courtroom for the Sitzer | Burnett lawsuit but Inman News has sent Andrea to cover the courtroom case and they have posted a website, for “live updates”. I don’t think anyone has as much understanding of the issues more than Andrea so I’m glad they sent her!

You can check the Live Updates site here.

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