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What does the “Z” in MAZL, LLC stand for?

Update on the Pending Sale of REcolorado to MAZL, LLC

“Firstly, as noted in our public FAQ, MAZL, LLC, is a private company formed specifically to acquire the MLS service. Joseph E. Burks is the sole and only purchaser of REcolorado. He created MAZL, LLC specifically to execute the Letter of Intent (LOI) and complete the business transaction. There are no other investors.”

Denver Metro Association of REALTORS(r)

Okay, I’m just having a little fun with the title of this post. I don’t think Zillow has anything to do with the sale of REcolorado MLS. But I do want to point something out, and it may be obvious already to some but I don’t know why more people are not talking about it.

One person, in this case Joseph Burks, is about to own the 16th largest MLS organization (by agent count) in the country. I don’t think anyone really understands what the second order consequences of this decision could be. 🍿


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This Insta was pretty funny.

Stuart White, CEO of Realtracs, on why the MLS will continue

A couple of things from Stuart’s opinion post on Inman News I thought were interesting.

“The network effect has provided a dependable listing and buying network — creating a singular destination where an area’s buyers and listings are in the same place. The network effect has always been more important to consumers (and professionals) than publishing compensation and will continue to benefit consumers (and professionals) after the settlement. “

Stuart White

We don’t really think about how much the network effect matters in our business. We are just so used to it.

“MLSs must continue to make platforms easier to use. Designing an accessible and intuitive interface with user-friendly features allows seamless navigation, as both real estate professionals and consumers will be seeking enhanced productivity and efficiency. By making their products more accessible, MLSs reinforce their role as indispensable tools and empower users to achieve their goals with ease.”

Stuart White

Making MLS system easier to use has been a thing since I started in the business in 1992. I believe the industry has done a good job with point solutions based on features of MLS systems, but coming up with a new take on a MLS system itself is something I think about a lot.

Industry Relations Podcast: Bravery and Impact of the MLS

Have you been keeping up with the latest updates in MLS policies? Rob and Greg break down the key details of Bright MLS’s clear cooperation policy and NWMLS’s decision not to remove compensation data from their system. But it doesn’t stop there. They also dive into the potential legal consequences for fair housing violations and federal antitrust claims.

They also touch on the Department of Justice’s involvement, implications for the industry, and potential risks for Northwest MLS and other players in the market.

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CRMLS first out of the gate with new “concessions in price” fields

California Regional MLS Provides New “Concessions in Price” Fields for Greater Agent and Broker Communication

“In 2023, nearly 40% of CRMLS’s Closed listings included concessions, i.e., monetary payments that a seller agrees to contribute towards the buyer’s expenses and other costs a buyer is responsible for in the transaction. Historically, concessions were only included in Closed listings. The new CiP fields will provide concession information at the listing level and be directly available in the MLS, so seller agents can fill them out when adding a listing. CiP fields will benefit all parties as those on the selling side can more easily market listings while those on the buying side receive a clearer idea of financial options.”


CRMLS has taken the leadership position on these “CiP” fields. Very smart of them to launch prior to the deadline. This will give them some real world experience on implementation and make necessary adjustments if need be.

NWMLS stands tall

NWMLS Leads the Industry in Providing Consumers with Transparency, Choice and Options to Negotiate

“NAR’s removal of compensation transparency from the MLS pushes consumers and brokers to make secret deals off MLS, inviting deceptive practices, discrimination and unfair housing. Depriving buyers of information about the transaction risks harming buyers, especially those buyers who are already disadvantaged, including first-time home buyers and members of protected classes. Prohibiting offers of compensation in the MLS also unnecessarily restrains the seller’s choice and absolute right to offer compensation to a brokerage firm representing the buyer. “



“I’m leaving this meeting!”

Heard an interesting story this week while out and about in DC. Apparently Anthony Lamacchia, a broker who just bought NAR President Kevin Sears’ brokerage, was a panelist on stage at the MLS policy meeting. I’m told during the panel Mr. Lammachia started discussing practices that seemed to encourage steering to the audience.

This caused quite a kerfuffle and NAR attorney, Charlie Lee, took to the stage. Apparently some in the audience left the meeting exclaiming “I’m leaving this meeting”. Which is what MLS execs were instructed to do when anti-trust behavior is taking place.

Now, I wasn’t there but I did verify from a one other person about shouting going on and people leaving the meeting.

The Notorious ROB has written a post title, “The Law of Holes” about similar concerns regarding Lamacchia in a previous “debate” Lamacchia did with Michael Ketchmark, attorney regarding the now infamous #SitzerBurneet ruling.

Anyone know what the outcome of this?

Zillow’s “touring agreement” may be illegal

Virginia Realtors: Zillow’s touring agreement may not be legal

“While many in the industry have been intrigued by Zillow’s new pilot program, Virginia Realtors is taking a tougher stand.

In a notice published on Friday, Virginia Realtors wrote that “upon analysis of this ‘touring agreement’ form, Virginia REALTORS does not believe it is in compliance with the requirements of Virginia law.”

The trade organization also advised members to discuss business practices and any agreements and forms they are going to use with their broker to ensure that they are in compliance with state law.”

Brooklee Han, HousingWire


Zillow asks industry to save its ShowingTime business

Zillow’s new touring agreement puts consumers first

“Our touring agreement–which expires after seven days and covers touring activities only – does not require compensation or exclusivity. That’s by design. We believe any negotiation of compensation, and what it will look like for the buyer and agent to work together, should happen after both meet and feel ready. At the time when an additional agreement is signed, the buyer and the agent should be aligned on all terms and expectations, including compensation, with no surprises. “

Errol Samuelson, Zillow Group

I think we all knew that the NAR Settlement requirement for agents to have a written agreement for showing homes threw a big wrench in Zillow’s attempt to “Uberize” real estate agents with the “Request A Tour” button.

Under the guise of “putting consumers first” Zillow’s “touring agreement” is a pretty clever attempt to help them save their Premier Agent/ShowingTime Plus business.

In my mind’s eye I can see Zillow’s Industry Relations Reps loading their slide decks, making restaurant reservations, attending to last minute party details, and filling their hotel suites with bottles of Fiji water in preparation for their descent in to Washington DC for the NAR Midyear meetings next week.

Raise your glass of Silver Oak high for these champions of consumers!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Top portal rivals show mutual support for buyer agency

“In a LinkedIn post, Zillow Co-founder and CEO Rich Barton drew attention to Eales’ “valuable thoughts” in the Wall Street Journal op-ed, but also reminded the industry that Zillow had previously launched its own effort — “Real Estate Rights for Consumers” — to show support for transparency in the industry and for buyer agency. “

AJ LaTrace, Real Estate News

Shocking. Two companies that sell buyer leads to agents agree that buyer’s agents are important.

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