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Dominion Homes Media makes some cuts.

Mercifully, a small round of layoffs.
Just a few at eNeighborhoods. Unlike other companies in this space Dominion is usually good with paying a severance.

Hopefully this is it for the week.

More layoffs this week ****UPDATE****



Company #1 Did let some people go, as recently as late last week, but due to normal course of business not any formal RIF.

But I still hear there will be at least one real estate technology company announcing layoffs this week.

That being said, I hope I’m wrong.

More layoffs this week?


I’m hearing from multiple sources that more than 2 big companies in Real Estate technology will be doing a round of layoffs this week.

2 weeks before Christmas, brutal!

Anybody have any confirmation yet?

Big shakeup at Fidelity MLS Division!


I’m hearing some loose talk out there. Still trying to put it all together.

Here’s the news…Fidelity MLS is going to consolidate under another Fidelity division, possibly Cyberhomes. Over 10 people have been let go as part of the consolidation.

Looks like Bev Faull is out as General Manager. She is no longer with the company.


The group will have a new General Manager, if it’s Cyberhomes I’m guessing the new GM will be John Hensley. John would then be in charge of broker/agent products and MLS products.

John Hensley- New GM of Fidelity MLS division?
John Hensley- New GM of Fidelity MLS division?

All I can say is WOW. Bev put her heart and soul in to this division. But it looks like the powers to be wanted some new blood to bring these guys in to the new year. John is a strong product guy and has been successful at getting some bigger deals done recently. Time will tell.

I’m also hearing that another person who had left the MLS division is now coming back. So any managers out there with former FNRES people, check your inboxes!!

If anyone can confirm any of this email vendor.alley@gmail.com or post a comment.

NARlando MLS Vendor Party Update

We are just days from the 2008 NAR Conference and EXPO kicking off. And of course a lot of you are already in Orlando, “prepping”. Which I think means “playing golf”.

Well I’ve confirmed what many of you already know. Looks like FNRES is NOT having a party this year. I’m sure it has to do with cutting down costs and such.

But I do hear that the MarketLinx party is still going on. Not sure of the details yet, looks like my invitation got lost in the mail (hint…hint).

If you know of any others email us at vendor.alley@gmail.com or via Twiiter. And of course keep tuned to VA for any other “after-party” locations.

No timetable set for sale of Dominion Enterprises

Kiss The Rabbit!
Kiss The Rabbit!

Landmark Communications had boldly predicted that they would have all assets, including Dominion Enterprises, sold by the end of 2008. Now they are singing a different tune according to an article put out by the Virginia Pilot. Here’s an excerpt…

“The national credit problems have slowed the sales of all of Landmark’s other properties, including The Virginian-Pilot and Dominion Enterprises, an information and marketing services company based in Norfolk, said Richard F. Barry III, vice chairman of Landmark.

“The sales process has been cramped by the credit crunch,” Barry said. “Buyers are having difficulty obtaining financing everywhere for everything.”

Barry declined to say how close Landmark was to completing the sales of The Pilot and Dominion Enterprises. Landmark, he said, still expects to sell all of its businesses.

Barry said his previous prediction that all of the transactions would be completed by year’s end “is getting to be a little bit of a stretch.” He declined to offer a revised timetable.”

Many of our readers know that Dominion Enterprises’ division, Dominion Homes Media (DHM), owns eNeighborhoods, Advanced Access, Homes.com, Katabat, and Best Image Marketing (Number 1 Expert). Looks like these lads will be in limbo-land for the foreseeable future.

I can tell you from personal experience that working for a company that is trying to sell itself is not much fun. I been through it many times. But I also know a lot of talented people work for DHM so hopefully they can keep everyone focused.


Real estate journo, Blanche Evans, no longer with RealtyTimes

Blanche Evans spoke at the CMLS conference last week. Looks like she is no longer with RealtyTimes and has started her own company; evansEmedia, Inc.

I’m a big fan of Blanche, her industry reporting and writing are top notch. What I didn’t know was how well of a job she does at speaking. She did a great job at CMLS explaining how wrong the financial press is, how they have been distorting the facts about the housing market and ways the industry can counter these claims.

RealtyTimes must be crazy to let her go.
So if you are looking for a compelling speaker, with a relevant message for the times we are in, you should give Blanche a call to speak at your next event.

So you need 5 different MLS consortiums…really? 1, 2, or 3 ain't good enough?….Really?

Today’s Inman story about 7 MLS providers agree to share, exchange data has got me perplexed.

By my count there are now 5 MLS or MLS data sharing plans either being built or operating in California.

California MLSAlliance
CALMLS -C.A.R.’s effort
“Gang of 7” -Just announced.

Also, most participants belong to more than one!

Plus I would add another group to this list; MLS providers in California who don’t belong to any of the above (such as SANDICOR in San Diego) So that makes 6!

It reminded me on this cartoon I saw on the web.

Ostriches playing poker
Ostriches playing poker
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