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Welcome, Zillow. Seriously.

I had to chuckle when I read this recent press release from Zillow.

Selling made easier: Zillow customers can now choose between a cash offer from Opendoor or selling with an agent

“Customers who start their selling journey with Zillow can now simultaneously request both a cash offer from Opendoor and an estimate of what their home could sell for on the open market with a local Zillow Premier Agent partner.”

It reminded me of what we launched waaaaay back in 2018, called iBuyer Connect:

Cloud CMA will now include all-cash offers from Opendoor

“Agents using Cloud CMA, a comparative market analysis tool for listing presentations from W+R Studios, can now present listing clients with an all-cash offer from iBuying giant Opendoor alongside the traditional listing information.”

This integration in Cloud CMA has helped agents sell tens of millions of dollars of real estate without charging a 35% referral fee. And a majority of those sellers still wanted to be represented by the agent.

But hey Zillow. You, do, you.

New Dwellicious Pro Video released

Thought I’d share with you my latest creation….

Experimenting with Vimeo

Pardon the shameless Dwellicious plug. Just testing….

Boca Real Estate Tech Mafia


Dan and I had lunch with Grant and Gia from RealSeekr.com today. Great people lots of energy, smart, and no pretensions. They have really grabbed attention in the online real estate space in a short amount of time. I’m not sure if I’m spoiling anything here but they plan to launch a new version of the site Christmas eve.

One of our discussions is how a lot of real estate tech companies are located here in South Florida, mostly in Boca Raton.

Here’s my short list:


Forclosure.com (or is it Property.com now?)

Must be something in the bagels.

Landmark calls off sale of newspapers…

Landmark calls off the sale of The Virginian-Pilot Media Cos according to an article in the The Virginian-Pilot.

Landmark is the parent company of Dominion Enterprises which owns many of real estate’s top online brands, such as Homes.com, Advanced Access, Best Image Marketing (Number1Expert), and eNeighborhoods.

Back in January Landmark had announced that it was going to sell all its assets including Dominion Enterprises. It failed.

That leaves several thousand of employees in a state of limbo. While Dominion Enterprises maintains it will continue to run and grow its companies one can only speculate on what Dominion Enterprises will do to keep these companies running smoothly.

It will be interesting to see if Dominion Enterprises passes this test.

Agent Genius Reviews Dwellicious


Looks like the folks at Agent Genius have written a review of Dwellicious.

Here’s a snippet…

Why We Like Dwellicious– We like it because it’s a consumer platform first, a conversation model second, and a lead tool third. It really puts into perspective what is most important in our industry and it doesn’t exclude the professional. ”

To read the full review visit here…

Dwellicious – Bookmark Property Listings Socially

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