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UtahRealEstate.com launches RapidStats

UtahRealEstate.com Partners with Markt to Launch RapidStats – A Powerful New Statistics Program

“UtahRealEstate.com announced today that it has launched a new statistics product, RapidStats, to its nearly 20,000 members. RapidStats is an advanced statistics product provided by Markt, a professional services company that brings leading back- office solutions to multiple listing services. With RapidStats, real estate professionals in Utah will now have access to a variety of new statistical reports, the ability to select and draw custom market areas for reporting, and access to a powerful customer relationship tool that enables statistics to be sent to clients on a scheduled timeline”

This is in partnership with Markt. But what is Markt? At the last Clareity/CL Conference, Nicole Jensen quipped that Markt wasn’t MLS Aligned. Which got a laugh. Markt as “a professional services company that brings leading back-office solutions to multiple listing services” fits better.

And it seems nowadays I’m writing more and more about MLS-owned initiatives than traditional vendor products. 🤔

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