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Gary Keller goes all in with Homes.com

Reports from Keller Williams Family Reunion show is that the Homes.com booth was crazy with agents signing up for memberships. Why? Because Gary said to.

CoStar CEO, Andy Florance was interviewed on the main stage at the event (see video below). Word is Gary Keller himself told agents to sign up for Homes.com. Which then sent KW agents flocking to the Homes.com booth. This is pretty stunning to me, Keller has frequently rubbed many vendors the wrong way.

And I can’t tell you how unprecedented this is. Gary’s influence with KW agents is legendary. You can tell by the applause (in the video below) that the messaging Homes.com is putting out (especially by the CEO himself) is resonating with agents big time.

I’ve had my doubts but if they keep up this momentum up, Ziltorfin may start pooping in their pants.

  1. Ziltorfin Is going down and no one can stop it. It’s over! GK read the writing on the wall and wanted his people to get a jump on the competition.

    Ziltorfin’s biggest issue has always been their arrogance and unwillingness to adjust. That always catches up with you and now it has.

    Put your money on Andy (I hate saying that btw, but I’m a Realist)

  2. Sign Up = claim your profile which is free and every agent should do that at a minimum. Homes is selling agent “memberships” which gives agent listings and profiles a much larger audience. Membership is sold in 6 or 12 month contracts and pricing is based on # of listings and avg price of listings. It’s $$ for top listing agents.

  3. “I heard it was pandemonium at their booth”. Reminds me of the old eneighborhoods days! 🙂

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