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Feb 22 23

Industry Relations Podcast: The Big Why, the Key Issue, and the Consequences of Commission Lawsuits

by Greg Robertson

Tweet Lawsuits are on the horizon – but how will they affect NAR and the real estate market? Why are these lawsuits even happening, and what’s the one issue that they revolve around? In this episode of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg make their predictions for what the consequences of these lawsuits will be and […]

Feb 16 23

Industry Relations podcast: The Impact of NAR vs. DOJ

by Greg Robertson

Tweet NAR wins a major hurdle in the DOJ antitrust probe. But what does it mean for the rest of the real estate industry? How will this affect other lawsuits? In this episode of Industry Rob and Greg do what they do best and take a deep dive into the impact of the NAR and […]

Feb 9 23

Industry Relations podcast: CoStar Buying Rumors

by Greg Robertson

Tweet There’s been a lot of talk lately about CoStar buying Will it happen or is it just a rumor? What advantages would CoStar have if they do acquire With a history of bold predictions and Nostrodamus-like moments, Rob and Greg share their thoughts on what’s most likely to happen. Find out why […]

Feb 5 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Shifting Priorities of MLS Organizations

by Greg Robertson

Tweet What are some of the shifting priorities at MLS organizations? Have you ever wondered what challenges MLS organizations are facing? In this episode on Industry Relations, Greg chats with special guest, Katie Smithson CRO at CRMLS to break down the transforming priorities within the field. Tune in for all the current industry intel and […]

Jan 26 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Making Better Agents and Listings

by Greg Robertson

Tweet Ever wondered how to get the most out of your listings and become a better agent? In this episode, Rob & Greg touch on the different technologies and marketing strategies that agents can use to get an edge in sales. Tune in for why Rob believes great photography is the best way and why […]

Jan 18 23

Industry Relations podcast: How New Construction is Impacting the Housing Market

by Greg Robertson

Tweet How does new construction and existing inventory affect the housing market? Rob and Greg unpack the complexities of new construction’s influence on the housing market, with help from an actual expert Kevin Oakley with Do You Convert. In this episode, gain some unique insight into how new developments shape today’s property sector. Join us, […]

Jan 11 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Real Estate Economics in 2023

by Greg Robertson

Tweet What’s the real estate market going to look like in 2023? 2022 was a lackluster year and with layoffs and new leadership in the industry what does it all mean? Rob and Greg take on these questions and utilize their amateur economic skills to the fullest in this episode. Another steak bet is on […]

Dec 29 22

Industry Relations Podcast:  Wrapping Up and Reviewing 2022

by Greg Robertson

Tweet What were some major events in the real estate industry in 2022? Want to know which event Rob and Greg betting a steak dinner on? Or why Rob believes MLS needs to approach a prepper mindset? In this episode, Rob and Greg follow up on last week’s episode and go further into the weeds […]

Dec 23 22

Industry Relations Podcast: Real Estate 2022 Highlights and 2023 Predictions

by Greg Robertson

Tweet What was the most important thing and had the biggest impact in the world of real estate in 2022? Was it the Northwest MLS’s rules and forms update or the lackluster year for home sales? Rob and Greg are joined by two very special guests, Greg Fischer and Joe Rand. They share their top […]

Dec 7 22

Industry Relations Podcast: Co-mingling and CoStar: What you need to know

by Greg Robertson

Tweet Is Zillow turning into the Craigslist of real estate? Just how accurate is the data on MLS websites, and should consumers be given a guarantee of accuracy? From predicting a possible depression to come in 2023 to debating the irrationality of lightsabers, this episode of Industry Relations covers the need-to-know issues in today’s real […]