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Feb 17 23

Listing Bits Episode 77: Using Showing Data to Guide Decision-Making with Wes Hartman of Showingly

by Greg Robertson

Tweet Most showing management software aggregates data. But how useful is it to get a report at the end of the month?  What if the data was presented in a way that helped agents answer seller questions in real time and make informed choices based on the numbers?  Wes Hartman is CEO of Showingly, a showing […]

Jan 25 23

Listing Bits Episode 76: Turn Your Clients into Lifelong Fans – with Rivers Pearce of Milestones

by Greg Robertson

Tweet A solid fan base is what makes a rock band successful, and it’s no different for real estate professionals. But most of us focus on the individual transaction and miss an opportunity to build long-term relationships with our existing clients and turn them into raving fans. And that means missed opportunities for referrals and […]

Dec 1 22

Listing Bits Episode 75: Get Your Time Back with Automated Webinars – with Melissa Kwan of eWebinar

by Greg Robertson

Tweet Listing Bits is back! If your role in real estate involves sales demos or any kind of training, you’re likely familiar with the frustration of delivering the same webinar over and over again.  Or worse, preparing a webinar that is either poorly attended or no one shows up. But what if you could do […]

Jul 26 22

Listing Bits Episode 74: Zillow’s One Data Source Solution for MLSs – with Katie Smithson of Bridge Interactive

by Greg Robertson

Tweet NAR’s MLS Policy Statement 8.6 goes into effect on September 1, 2022. So, what tools are available to make the implementation of the new One Data Source Policy easier for MLSs? Katie Smithson is Director of MLS Relations at Zillow Group, where she leads the team building their MLS data licensing and distribution platform, Bridge Interactive. Prior […]

Jul 1 22

Listing Bits Podcast Episode 73: A New Business Model for the MLS – with Colette Stevenson of REsides

by Greg Robertson

Tweet What if it was easy for an MLS to raise money to develop the data services it needs and run the software its customers use? Colette Stevenson is CEO of REsides, the premier MLS in South Carolina. Formerly known as Hilton Head MLS, REsides serves REALTORS who represent properties in both South Carolina and Georgia, […]

May 9 22

Listing Bits Episode 72: Floor Plan Tech for Desktop Appraisals – with Jeff Allen of CubiCasa

by Greg Robertson

Tweet Approximately 8 million appraisals were conducted in the US last year. By contrast, there are only 40,000 active real estate appraisers. So, it’s no surprise that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are exploring appraisal modernization initiatives like the desktop appraisal option. But to make these alternatives to the traditional appraisal work, we need data […]

Apr 28 22

Listing Bits Episode 71: When an MLS Should Build Its Own Tech – with Faith Geronimo & Colleen Yasuhara of Hawaii Information Service

by Greg Robertson

Tweet We’re baaaack! I spend a lot of time at conferences explaining why MLSs, brokers, and franchisors should let the ‘professionals’ build their technology. And yet, there are real reasons why these stakeholders might want to design their own.  So, when is it appropriate for an MLS to create its own tech stack rather than […]

Jan 12 22

Listing Bits Episode: Competing in the Showing Solutions Space – with William Schoeffler

by Greg Robertson

Tweet When Zillow announced its intention to acquire ShowingTime in February of 2021, a slew of companies jumped into the showing solutions space. But Instashowing had already been in business for two years, and despite the fierce competition, its young founder believes that his startup has an edge. William Schoeffler is the Founder of Instashowing, a software company […]

Jul 9 21

Listing Bits Episode 69: Educating Consumers on the MLS – with Katie Smithson

by Greg Robertson

Tweet Ask the average consumer what they know about the MLS, and you’re likely to hear about their favorite Major League Soccer team. But CMLS wants to change that, and the organization is on a mission to educate the general public around the benefits of working with a real estate professional and listing a home […]

Apr 21 21

Listing Bits Episode 68: A New Player in Showing Services – with Scott Fisher and Devin Beck

by Greg Robertson

Tweet Prior to 2003, Supra had a monopoly on the lockbox market. But NAR membership wanted choice, so the trade association invested in its first outside tech company, SentriLock. Today, a similar market dominance exists in showing service solutions, and SentriLock is stepping in once again to compete with the dominant player in the space. Scott […]