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Compass acquires N.A.R.

WASHINGTON D.C. and CHICAGO, IL , Apr 1, 2019 /PNewswire/ — Compass, the real estate technology company, announced today that the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), a 100 year old trade Association of real estate professionals with offices in Chicago and Washington D.C. , will be joining Compass. NAR has over 1.3 million members and one of the largest trade associations in the world. With the addition of NAR, Compass’ national team will represent all real estate transactions in the country going forward.  Bob Goldberg, NAR’s current CEO will now head Industry Relations for the company.”


It was only a matter of time

Proptech startup “REbus” gets 850 Million dollars in funding on emoji based real estate portal.

Andrea Brambila at Inman News

In an interview with 23 year old founder Ted Shoeman, founder of REBus, he got the idea when texting his friends. He stated than Millennials hated words and letters. And over 90% of their communications were in pure emoji.”

???????? – Haunted House?

????????‍♂️???????? – 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with a view close to beach, public transportation and shopping.

KW pivots again, now says they are a “rocket company”.

Ben Lane reporting for HousingWire

“I was taken blind folded to a secret location deep under ground somewhere in Austin. I was then placed in a chair and the blind fold was taken off. In front of me stood Keller Williams’ co-founder Gary Keller dressed entirely in tin foil.

To my right, in the corner was KW’s Chief Innovation Officer Josh Team playing a video game on an old CRT screen eating from a big bowl what appeared to be extra spicy Cheetos. When I asked Mr. Keller about his attire he stated something to the fact that it was a proto-type “space suit” that he and Josh were working on. Josh turned his head and grunted in our direction and from orange stained lips blurted out he had “1,230 engineers working on it”.

Mr. Keller then went on to explain an elaborate strategy to make KW associates the first “Space Agents”. He went on to say that selling real estate on Earth was “in the past”, and now his focus was Mars.

“What better planet for KW agents to sell real estate than the RED planet?”

No comment from Elon Musk.

Upstream reveals new logo

Upstream Logo

Man, this logo is no joke!

Zillow settles with Move. Trulia now part of Realtor.com

Inman News reported yesterday, in an article titled “Zillow On Hook for $2B, MOVE and NAR Allege.

“The damages claim is just over 40 percent of Zillow Group’s current market cap: $4.2 billion.”

Now word is that Zillow and MOVE have worked out a deal where Trulia would now become part of Realtor.com. More information can be found here.

Move, Inc. adds “blood oath” provision for new employees

blood oath
Move, Inc. today announced a change to its hiring practices. In the announcement they have stated all new employees and many current employees will be required to enter in to a “blood oath” with the company. The oath states they promise never to leave or work for another company in the real estate industry.

“This is just an expansion of our current HR policy.” said Move, Inc. CEO Ryan O’Hara. “Going forward, along with our standard 100 year non-compete agreement, new employees will be required to enter in to a blood oath, vowing loyalty to Move, Inc and Move, Inc. alone. continued Mr. O’Hara. “Dale Stinton will conduct the ceremony in a special room being built in the basement of the Chicago Headquarters of the National Association of REALTORS.” concluded Mr. O’Hara.

Project Upstream begins internal testing


No word from Craig Cheatham about progress.

Zillow cancels Las Vegas MLS junket.

Zillow has announced that it has cancelled it upcoming MLS summit in Las Vegas this month. It a written statement from the Zillow’s Blog, CEO Spencer Rascoff stated..

“The MLS providers are already doing exactly what we tell want them to do. Plus the accommodations that some of these MLS executives were requesting were simply beyond what we had budgeted.”

Link list of best April Fool’s Day Posts.

44413491_head_getty_203-The largest brokers in the country want to start their own private MLS.
-The whole debate that “Pocket Listings” are the beginning of the end of MLS.
-A well respected MLS vendor changes its name to “Black Knight”.
-This site still exists (and this post might triple their traffic. You’re welcome.)
Errol Samuelson defects to Zillow.
Sami Inkinen, co-founder of Trulia, is rowing across the Pacific Ocean (with his wife) to raise awareness against sugar, the “silent killer”. The name of this venture is aptly dubbed, “Fat Chance”.
-Zillow gets sued by the very industry it says its trying to “build relations” with.
Curt Beardsley leaves MOVE and joins Zillow too.
RPR releases version 1.29

Seriously people, for fucks’ sake, stop. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Zillow Zestimate actually matched home sale price.

The Albuquerque Jounal reported a A two bedroom, 2 bath rambler in West Albuquerque, New Mexico sold on the local MLS for exactly what Zillow’s Zestimate predicted…..

crazy right?

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