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Homes.com announces REALTOR drone service.

“We are just giving what the market is demanding”, said Andy Woolley GM of Homes.com. “It’s really an extension of our Concierge Service in which we setup, produce and develop blogs posts and videos for REALTORS.” continued Mr. Woolley. “Now we just replace them with one of our own people and actually do their job for them.”


NAR shutters RPR

This just just in from Chicago…

“Our long national nightmare is over.” stated Dale Stinton, CEO of the National Association of REALTORS. “Effectively immediately the National Association of REALTORS will cease operations of the Realtor Property Resource. NAR will do its best to return the money it invested back to it’s members.”

In a joint announcement NAR today announced they were major investors in a new car company. “Today’s cars aren’t designed for the average REALTOR, so we thought we needed to do something about it.” stated NAR president Gary Thomas.

Redfin to become Century 21 franchisee

Glenn Kelman announced today as part of their new company strategy they had struck a deal Realogy and are now branding all their real estate operations under the Century 21 name.

“We think it a perfect mix of the old and new.” stated Kelmann and also debuted their new “2-Click Purchase feature” on redfin.com.

RPR announces 100th active user

Realtor Property Resource (RPR) announced today they had reached an important milestone, their 100th active user. The user was identified as part-time Realtor Vlad Brockevich. Vlad is practices real estate part-time while holding down a job as a rocket scientist in Huntsville, Alabama. As the 100th active user of RPR Vlad won a free iPad.

Bob Bemis leaves Zillow returns to ARMLS

In a reversal that is sure to shock many people Bob Bemis has resigned his position at Zillow and seeks to gain his position back as CEO of ARMLS.

Bob called his move to leave ARMLS and take a position at Zillow as “hasty” and “not well thought out” and hopes the industry forgives him.

Sam Scott quits H.A.R.

Sam Scott

APRIL, 1st 2011

In a surprising move Sam Scott is leaving the Houston Association of REALTORS (HAR).  My sources tell me it could be as soon as next week.  These sources futher confirm he will be joining The National Association of REALTORS (NAR ) Second Century Fund.


Good luck Sam!

April Fools Day is almost here.

My favorite time of the year!
[insert evil laugh here]

Marketlinx Tempo MLS system now works with all browsers, including Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

Engineers at Marketlinx were stunned to learn that people used other browsers than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  They were also flabbergasted to discover the popularity of Macs.

“They don’t let us out much” stated a Marketlinx developer who asked not to be identified.   The fix took a matter of “seconds” according to another engineer, (also who refused to be identified)  “Honestly, I thought Apple went out of business” he added later.

John Hensley, Chief Product and Technology Officer of LPS Real Estate Group, announces switch to 4 day work week for LPS staff.

“This is something that I felt needed to be done.” stated John Hensley from LPS Real Estate Group‘s Irvine headquarters.  “I feel we are just working our employees, especially our developers, far far too much.” continued Mr. Hensley.

“And I will promise to lead this effort by example.”  concluded Mr. Hensley

Mr. Hensley also stated that “launch bonuses” would be given to developers any time a new implementation was launched.  “We need to reward them more for their efforts.”

RPR announces creation of National MLS, chooses calREDD as its MLS vendor.

Dale Ross, CEO of RPR,  confirmed what many people have longed suspected, RPR intends to launch a National MLS.  Dubbed Realtor information Property MLS or “RIPMLS” the new system will launch in June of 2011.  “We weren’t fooling anyone, so we thought we might as well get on with it.” stated Mr. Ross.

“We couldn’t keep this secret any longer.”  stated Marty Frame, RPR President.  “Beta testing starts in a couple months.”  When asked about calREDD‘s MLS system Marty Frame stated.  “I wasn’t personally involved with the decision but from what I hear the MLS system is state of the art, and implementations are proceeding in an orderly fashion.”

Joel Singer was at an undisclosed location and could not be reached for comment.

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