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T3 Sixty Webinar-“5 years of insights for MLS & Association Executives”

The industry owes the folks at T3 Sixty a lot of gratitude for putting this information together. Whether you are a vendor, MLS organization or Association this data is gold when it comes to planning.

Today T3 Sixty just updated its Real Estate Almanac. This year they also parsed out ownership structures of MLS organizations. Join Clint tomorrow and get the full rundown.

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Space Coast Adds Relevate’s SSO and Communication Center

Space Coast Association of REALTORS® launches Relevate SSO and Communication Center

“Ensuring an organization’s entire value proposition is front-and-center with every member log in, Relevate’s SSO Dashboard highlights all the tools provided by the association or MLS along with key benefits such as education, events, affinity programs, governance, and more. It is a powerful companion to Relevate AMS and Relevate for MLS that handles identity management, collects actionable usage data to guide management decisions, and sends targeted communications to drive user engagement.”

Mike Price at Relevate

The AMS, SSO, member communication space is going to heat up fast. I’m hearing about multiple solutions out there. This is going to drive innovation and be great for MLS organizations and their members.

Former SDAR CEO, Mike Mercurio, charged with embezzlement

CEO of San Diego Association of Realtors ousted amid accusations of embezzlement

“The plaintiffs, which include the association’s former Chief Operating Officer, Director of Human Resources, Controller, and Marketing Chief, claim Mr. Mercurio, “engaged in massive embezzlement, stealing over $1 million from SDAR, and further directed, and participated in, the falsification of financial documents, extensive personal use of company credit cards, payroll fraud, and tax evasion.”

To make matters worse, plaintiffs, Heather Pena, Laura Martella, Jon Schwartz, and Nicholas Hoffer, say instead of supporting them after discovering what they claim was a long-running embezzlement scheme, the association’s board “shot the messengers” by launching investigations into their conduct and later firing them without cause. “

CBS 8 News

Everyone deserves their day in court but even if half these allegations are true they should throw this idiot in jail and throw away the key.

Looking for a new gig?

MLS Director – San Antonio Board of REALTORS(R)

“San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) is seeking a highly motivated and forward-thinking individual to take on the role of MLS Director. As the MLS Director, you will be a key leader, providing direct oversight of the MLS department and fostering a culture of teamwork and collaboration within the team.”

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Industry Relations Podcast: Why Real Estate Needs Separation of Church and State

What’s it like being a technology company in the world of real estate and MLS? And why does it seem like there needs to be some “separation of church and state.” in real estate? Join Rob and Greg in this episode of Industry Relations as they chat with Stuart White, CEO at Realtracs. They delve into the tech side of real estate and why Realtracs is paving the way in treating MLS members. To see how Stuart and his team are leading real estate tech visit them at Realtracs.

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Looking for a new gig?

MLS & Membership Director – Central Oregon Association of REALTORS

“This is a newly created position, and reports to the Chief Executive Officer. The Multiple Listing Service Director is responsible for the full operation, supervision, evaluation, delivery, and maintenance of all Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and supporting products in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer. The MLS of Central Oregon currently services 2500+ MLS members and works with the other MLSs in our data share on a regular basis.”

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Looking for a new gig?

Director, Finance – Tucson Association of REALTORS

“Includes, but not limited to:

* Providing first-line service to a high volume of member requests, with the highest level of professional interaction.
* Strong computer skills required, including all Microsoft and Outlook product Suite, and proven experience and success with entry and maintenance of a digital record keeping system.”

The find out about this job or post a job, please visit the Vendor Alley Job Board.

Has the California Association of REALTORS cancelled Glide as a member benefit?

On a recent Facebook post agents are commenting on some sort of notice going out. You remember, Glide was recently acquired by Compass. Can anyone confirm?

My interview with Jimmy Kelly, CEO of Lone Wolf

The first 4 months at Lone Wolf have been an awesome learning experience for me. Lone Wolf and W+R Studios have always had mutual customers, and I was always aware of the forms and transaction management business but now I’m getting a full immersion course. What I’m learning the most is this, at scale, it’s a tough business. I know that competition is starting to rise in this space, I would only say to them, be careful what you wish for.

With that in mind, I sat down to talk with Lone Wolf’s CEO, Jimmy Kelly. I was surprised but not surprised that he agreed to do this interview with me. I don’t think we made any edits or cut anything out, it’s about 30 mins long and worth the watch. Jimmy answered all my questions, even the tough ones (check out the timeline), and I still have a job!

Hope you enjoy and see how running a form business during the beginning of a worldwide pandemic is a little like Lucy and Ethel working at the chocolate factory.


:40 – Introduction to Jimmy, and history in software industry

4:20 – Greg and Jimmy discuss forms changes and frequency of requests

5:15 – Looking back on pandemic, COVID requests, and response from Lone Wolf

9:30 – Greg asks about product outages, instability. Jimmy discusses what’s going on at Lone Wolf.

12:00 – Greg: What do you say to customers who’ve heard that before?

16:05 – Jimmy discusses future of Back Office. 

17:45 – Greg: Are Transactions (zipForm Edition) and Transactions (TransactionDesk Edition) eventually going to merge? 

20:00 – Greg: What do you say to customers who want you to focus on current issues rather than innovating/buying companies? 

23:45 – Jimmy previews what he’s most excited about coming soon from Lone Wolf

29:00 – Greg: What can you share about Stone Point Capital acquiring CoreLogic? 

31:30 – Is Greg a thorn in Jimmy’s side?

My T3 Sixty Interview

T3 Sixty Organized Real Estate with Clint Skutchan with guest Greg Robertson

Enjoyed my conversation with Clint.

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