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York Baur steps down as CEO of MoxiWorks, new CEO announced

MoxiWorks Names Eric Elfman As Chief Executive Officer

“MoxiWorks, the leading real estate technology platform for agents, today announced the appointment of Eric Elfman, an experienced executive with a track record of accelerating product and go-to-market strategy, as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors. Current CEO York Baur will remain on the Board of Directors helping to guide vision and strategy. “


End of an era. What I appreciated about York is that he could be a fierce competitor but we would still be able to shoot the shit together about this crazy business we were both in. Cheers my friend and welcome Eric to the Hotel California.

Cloud CMA on the Apple Vision Pro

Got my hands on an Apple Vision Pro and made a quick video to see how Cloud CMA worked on the new headset. And guess what? It works! Check out the video below.

Listing Toolkit review with Cloud CMA integration

Listing Toolkit by Realtor.com is a surprisingly valuable, lightweight marketing solution: Tech Review

“Listing Toolkit is a resource for agents to attract more seller clients and uncover buyers seeking their homes, among other benefits. It’s for those with Realtor.com Pro accounts and has a full integration with Lone Wolf’s Cloud CMA to quickly build dynamic presentations that can be juxtaposed with a wide range of buyer traffic data to demonstrate demand across the entire Realtor.com coverage area. It enables quick property advertising campaigns and allows for self-promotion and branding using Realtor.com’s UpNest product suite, which allows for paid increases in reach. Overall, the experience is supported by a modern, consumer-facing UI and should pose little challenge to learn. It could be a nice value-add to the tech stack of agents with reasonable marketing budgets, and a good use of time for small, tech-forward brokerages and teams with marketing staff.

Craig Rowe for Inman News

Good write up from Craig. As I’ve written about before I think the realtor.com team did a great job with Lone Wolf with the integration.

Realtor.com partners with Lone Wolf to add Cloud CMA integration to its new “Listing Toolkit”

New integration connects Realtor.com®’s Listing Toolkit and Cloud CMA by Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf teams up with Realtor.com® to bring exclusive buyer reports to over 500,000 real estate agents

“Realtor.com®‘s Listing Toolkit, which is currently available for purchase across the country, helps agents win and sell listings, from elevating their brand to sellers and identifying matching buyers to promoting listings leveraging Realtor.com®‘s consumer audience. The integration with Cloud CMA means mutual users can add several premium report pages to their CMAs, including Realtor.com® reports with insights into matching buyers and buyer demand to showcase deeper market intelligence to prospective sellers.”

Via PR from Lone Wolf

This was one of the last things I worked on before I left Lone Wolf, and probably the most exciting.

Adding buyer demand data to Cloud CMA reports was just a no-brainer. Doing a listing presentation and ending with, “and I have 5 buyers I could contact right after this that are looking for a house just like yours” is a great way to help agents win more listings.

A couple of things to note. First I was super proud Realtor.com had chosen Cloud CMA. I was told they did a ton of research and in the end it was super obvious that Cloud CMA was the best choice to add as a partner. This is not only a testament to the product itself but all the MLS organizations that have supported Cloud CMA for so many years. Also, I was super impressed with design and development team at Realtor.com. The men and women on these teams were some of the best designers and collaborators I’ve ever worked with. Many thanks to Mohammed, Faisal and the rest of the team.

Lastly I just love the level of partnership here between these two vendors. Having been a part of the process I know that it took a little give and take, but ultimately both sides can be really proud of the work.

25 million

Dan just pinged me this in Teams today.

I remember crashing a broker meeting to give the agent who created the millionth Cloud CMA report a free iPad. Trying to fit the balloons in Frances’ car was an effort!

And we recorded this video when we surpassed 10 million reports. It’s one of my favorite videos we did at W+R.

We created this together Dan but your fingers brought it to life. Congratulations!

New Cloud CMA enhancement (Live Buyer Tour) works with Apple CarPlay

New in Cloud CMA: Live buyer tours

“Live buyer tours build on the existing functionality to turn static reports into dynamic ones—with real-time data that you and your buyers can easily read on any device. So you get a new way to show off properties, and your clients get live access to the most relevant information about their favorite listings. “

I’m really proud of the team and what they’ve acomplished with this new enhancement. Back in May of 2020 we launched Cloud CMA Live. Cloud CMA Live raised the bar for interactive digital presentations and also gave agents a new way to present remotely.

The Buyer Tour report in Cloud CMA has always been a hidden gem. With the new Live Buyer Tour we wanted to give Buyer’s agents a new tool that was mobile first. I know agents are going to love it. This new enhancement is free to all Cloud CMA subscribers and launched yesterday. Check it out and please feel free to share the quick video I made above.

Not being there

What I love about eWebinar is I can give a great training session on Cloud CMA at 6 AM in the morning without being there at 6 AM in the morning.

Seriously, if you are a broker, MLS or Vendor that provides tech to your agents/members/clients you need this. Check it out = > My eWebinar Demo

If you are a broker or an MLS who provides Cloud CMA to your agents/members please share this link on your product pages = > Getting Started with Cloud CMA

Shit’s getting real

Waco Association of REALTORS chooses Cloud Agent Suite

Waco Association of REALTORS® selects Lone Wolf solutions for a complete transaction experience

“Waco Association of REALTORS® is pleased to announce that it will provide MLS-Connect and Cloud Agent Suite from Lone Wolf Technologies (“Lone Wolf”) as benefits to their 1,032 members at no additional cost. These new benefits are in addition to those already provided by Texas REALTORS® as state benefits -Transactions (zipForm Edition), zipForm Mobile, and zipLogix Digital Ink.

Waco Association of REALTORS® members now have access to a complete transaction experience with the entire Transactions (zipForm Edition) suite at their fingertips. MLS-Connect directly connects with Transactions so real estate professionals can import or push MLS listing data directly into Transactions to fill out forms quicker and easier. Now their members can start a transaction, get documents signed, track progress, and access state forms-whether they are in the office or on the go-all while providing a unified experience for their clients.”

Just the thought of Chip and Joanna Gaines using Cloud CMA makes me smile.

Leveling the training playing field

I think any great tool, scratches an itch the creator of that tool had. In the case of Melissa Kwan, she thought she was wasting a lot of time, doing the same presentations, and trainings over and over again. She thought that many other people had the same problem. She wanted to give those people their time back. The tool Melissa created is eWebinar.

You might recognize the name, “Melissa Kwan”. She was also the creator of Spacio, a beautiful app designed to help capture and market leads at Open Houses. I wrote a glowing review of the app a few years back. Melissa’s design taste is second to none. The app is clearly laid out, beautifully designed and so easy to use.

Same goes for eWebinar. It’s just a pleasure to use.

So what is eWebinar and why am I so excited about it? And why do I think it might be a game-changer for the MLS organizations?

eWebinar is everything Zoom is not.

What I love about webinars is the live nature of them. The interactions. Ask questions, take a poll, download some content, and vote on topics. Those interactions in a webinar drive engagement. Unlike passively watching a video you are asked to interact. That’s a better experience.

What I hate about webinars is also the same “live” nature of them. First I need at least 3 people to pull them off, one to give the presentation/training, one to handle the questions/chat, and one other to handle any technical difficulties. That’s 3 people time and energy for an hour presentation. And even more time for setup. Yikes! And then their Murphy’s Law. The connection might be glitchy, the audio might cut out, or the slides don’t work. There are just too many variables and one of them is bound to fail, and it all happens live.

What eWebinar does is lets you record the best demo/presentation/training you have ever done. The audio is great, the video is great and the slides are perfect. Along with the video you can record interactions like asking for questions, taking a survey/poll, or downloading content. You can time where those interactions go in the video. You can even take a video you’ve already created in Zoom and upload that and add the original interactions too.

So what happens when someone asks a question? You can have those questions go to a designated person/queue via email or an alert on the website on even Slack. So your entire sales/support/training department can answer those questions in real-time. And those answers will appear on the screen as the eWebinar is playing…live. It’s truly is the best of both worlds.

Also, the metrics eWebinar gives you are super helpful.

To really understand it you should go to eWebinar and try it. Signing up for an eWebinar is exactly like signing up for a regular webinar. Registrants will even get an email after the eWebinar to “replay”.

How will eWebinar help MLS organizations?

I think this will solve a big problem in our industry. Many MLS organizations focus a lot of their training resources on their primary MLS systems, and not on the other software solutions they provide. Many MLS organizations have a lot of products they provide as a member benefit but limited staff/expertise to onboard/train on them. The beauty of eWebinar is that they can record an eWebinar once, and deploy it site-wide, saving tons of hours. This will help give parity to onboarding and training resources to the primary MLS system.

I made one for Cloud CMA. You can check it out here.

We have begun reaching out to MLS organizations with the hope of adding it to the training section of their websites and promoting it to their membership. I hope this will help increase adoption without putting any more strain on our MLS partners’ staff.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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