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MRED adds Paragon Connect

MRED adds Black Knight’s Paragon Connect as MLS platform; expands suite of options for brokers

“MRED’s nearly 50,000 subscribers can anticipate gaining access to Paragon Connect in early 2024. The front end will be offered in addition to connectMLS.  

“As the MRED marketplace expands, we want to provide additional choices to our subscribers,” said MRED President and CEO Rebecca Jensen. “Each of the brokerages we serve is unique. Providing multiple ways to access and enter data allows them the ability to better customize their MLS experience.”  

MRED offers over two dozen products and services to brokers located in Illinois and surrounding states. MRED chose Paragon Connect due to feedback from our marketplace.”

Big win for Black Knight. And turning the tables a bit by putting some pressure on dynaConnections.


“Platform of choice”? What’s “Platform of choice”? I really hadn’t heard that term before, and it certainly isn’t on my “Speaking MLS” post but I’m going to add it, here why.

In the parlance of MLS Vendors like Black Knight, “System of Choice” really only meant “search of choice”. The big difference is that with “Platform of Choice” the alternative MLS system (in this case Paragon Connect) also has its own add/edit functionality. Which for an alternative MLS system is great because otherwise agent/members could only enter listings in to the primary/incumbent MLS system. By also allowing add/edit in the alternative MLS system this essentially levels the playing field so that agent members can also input listings in the new MLS system.

Obviously one reason (biggest reason?) MRED is adding Paragon Connect is to make it easier for neighboring MLS organizations to join MRED without the burden of learning a new MLS system. I don’t believe we have seen a situation where an alternative MLS system comes in and then over time takes over as the primary MLS system in regard to usage. I also haven’t seen an MLS organization shut down alternative MLS Systems once they have merged with another MLS/Assn. but I think this would be easier to do.

Paragon Connect has been getting some good reviews, but it’s going to take more than a new UI/UX differentiation to lure existing MRED users to their platform. I have some ideas. But that’s for another post.

Looking for a new gig?

Technical Support Specialist -dynaConnections

“dynaConnections, an innovative, Austin-based MLS software provider, is looking for an experienced Technical Support Specialist to join our team. The Technical Support Specialist is a mission-critical team member at dynaConnections, who will provide product support and expertise to Customers, and is the first line of contact with the Customer for our robust MLS solution, connectMLS.”

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Looking for a new gig?

dynaConnections is hiring

Quality Assurance Engineer (Mid-Level)

“dynaConnections is looking for a talented Software Quality Assurance Engineer who will focus primarily on automated testing and may have an opportunity to manually exercise the code. The Quality Assurance Engineer will focus on test automation efforts across multiple projects and domains. The QA Engineer will work alongside other QA Engineers and developers to ensure we deliver the best products to customers.”

Software Developer (Mid-Level)

“As a Software Developer at dynaConnections, you will have an opportunity to significantly impact organizational growth and effectiveness by delivering dynaConnections’ best in class technology solutions. In this role, you will participate in all phases of the development and implementation of dynaConnections’ mission-critical software that includes research, design, development, testing, optimizing, and documentation, and work closely with cross-functional members of the organization to develop and evaluate solutions that improve operational performance and design of the overall system.”

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GAMLS chooses connectMLS

Georgia MLS Partners with dynaConnections to Provide connectMLS™

“Real estate professionals across Georgia will soon benefit from dynaConnections’ top-rated MLS platform, connectMLS. Designed with the end user in mind, connectMLS’s intuitive, feature-rich, and mobile-friendly solution provides Georgia MLS members an additional suite of tools to efficiently collaborate with their buying and selling clients.”

Big win for dynaConnections. Not clear whether this is a “system of choice” play or full conversion. The stated launch date is March.

Huge congrats to Tim and the rest of the dynaConnections team!

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